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Remote Workforce Security & Essential Cybersecurity Tools


Is your compass pointing

toward remote worker security?

Discover what every employee must know

about the vulnerabilities of remote work.

Remote Worker Security Tools and Tactics


Anchored or adrift,

you need advanced threat detection

and protection for your devices.

Don’t get ransomed

and forced to abandon ship.

Download our presentation

on securing remote workers today.

Essential Remote Security Tools for SMBs

Learn what tools you can use to secure remote workers.

EstesGroup has all hands on deck


If you feel like you’re simply staying afloat on these new cyber seas created by the shifting tides of remote and distributed offices, please contact us. We can help you sail past cyberthreats. We can secure your fleet, ensuring safe journeys for everyone on board.

Essential Remote Security Tools for SMBs

On a cybersecurity raft when you need a cyberthreat warship?

The right vessel can warn a malicious hacker to sail on


Your remote workforce security deployments can range from basic antivirus to advanced endpoint security. A ransomware attack can quickly capsize your IT department’s dinghy, leaving your entire pool of data free-floating in dark web waters. To avoid the troubled shoals of cybercrime, you need to be on continuous watch. EstesGroup’s Managed IT crew stays on the lookout, so you stay at the helm. Ahoy, remote worker security!

Essential Remote Security Tools for SMBs

Essential Cybersecurity Tools for Your Business

Business Continuity All Astir


If you wish to christen your tub before leaving port, you need more than a bottle of red and a cyber prayer. You’ll need to make sure your ship is ready for the high seas. In our modern business climate, you need more than spare rigging and a mended sail—you’ll need the kind of end-to-end protection to make yours the most seaworthy of digital ships.


But like any good clipper, a company spends more time in the menacing seas than it does in safe harbors. While nobody wishes to work on an engine while the motor is running, businesses more closely resemble the warships of days past, forced to swap sails while the prevailing winds shift all around. EstesGroup can help keep your business continuous and contiguous, helping you bolster your bulwarks while chasing the horizon. With our advanced threat protection and business continuity strategies, you can work safely anywhere. Need remote worker security on a deserted island? Relax, we’ve got IT covered.