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The EstesGroup User Summit

We Host Community Events For Enterprise Resource Planning Success

EstesGroup Fall Summit 2021

EstesGroup 2021 Spring Summit

ERP System Management

The quest to optimize your enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is never-ending. With that in mind, EstesGroup hosts recurring events to help end users make better use of their ERP investments. 

Server Architecture

Is your business reliant on a successful client-server architecture

Check out Daryl Sirota’s presentation on server management to get tips on how to ensure that your foundation is stable.

⌁ Not on Epicor? Even though this presentation begins with Epicor tips, it soon ventures into universal server strategy, including the latest cloud hosting solutions.

Business Gears

Is your company struggling to handle material shortages? 

⌁ When we polled our attendees, material shortages appeared as the top issue affecting planning and scheduling.

⌁ If this feels familiar, check out Brad Feakes’ presentation on the Production Planner Workbench and its use for managing material shortages.

ERP Supply Chain

Are you trying to understand backflushing as it relates to issuing materials and completing operations? 

⌁ Check out the presentation by Diane Tschida and Brad Feakes to understand the many faces of backflushing.

Epicor Server Best Practices for the Epicor Environment

Daryl Sirota, Director of Technical Services

Whether you run E10 or Prophet 21, there are key areas that you need to be looking out for. In this session, we’ll take a look at hardware resource management, common operating systems, IIS and SQL challenges, and wrap up with application layer ‘gotchas’. All content is from an ERP-agnostic perspective, so even if you’re running another application on this stack (Windows, SQL, IIS, RemoteDesktop), this session will be of value to you and your server admins.

Daryl Sirota – Director, Technical Services
Epicor Server Best Practices
Epicor Production Planner Workbench
Brad Feakes SVP of Professional Services

Utilizing the Production Planner Workbench to Address Material Shortages

Brad Feakes, SVP of Professional Services

Managing material shortages across a variety of product types and fulfillment models has long been a challenge for organizations. Companies with complex bills of materials face challenges to ensure that all materials are available to support manufacturing operations. Leveraging its time-phased logic, Epicor’s Production Planner Workbench allows planners, schedulers and materials managers to ensure that the supply chain can successfully support the system’s demand.

Understanding Backflushing in Epicor

Diane Tschida, Principal Consultant

What is Backflushing and how does it work? In very simple terms, backflushing is an automated process to issue materials to the job, at the time of Operation completion. In Epicor, you have several options to be able to backflush labor, material quantities, or both. In this session, we’ll discuss the different options and how they work, and also the hierarchy in the system to determine how the associated materials should be backflushed.

Epicor Backflushing Diane Tschida
Material Backflushing in Epicor

ERP systems are a combination of user functionality, custom solutions, and the underlying architecture that supports it all. For Epicor users, successfully navigating the Epicor application has long been a community activity. 

EstesGroup 2020 Fall Summit

ERP System Management

What could be better than an ERP Summit demonstrating application strategy in ECHO, EstesGroup’s cloud? The Fall 2020 Summit lets you see Epicor customizations and optimizations as they happen in ECHO (EstesCloud Hosting). Watch the full video to learn about SQL Server Administration, the Epicor Planning Workbench, and SSRS Reporting.

EstesGroup 2020 Summer Summit

ERP System Management

The first ever EstesGroup Summit took place on June 17th, 2020. This virtual event was inspired by our customers reaching out to us for support during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the recording to learn about Epicor security, business intelligence, part setup, and embedded customizations.