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Remote Workforce Security

Securing Your Devices to Protect Your Data
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In this webinar, EstesGroup’s VP of Technology Services, Daryl Sirota, shares the critical steps business owners and employees must take to secure data using centralized cyber security solutions while working away from traditional company office culture. Find out how to abide by regulatory compliance when workers are displaced or disbanded (or when simply living the life of a digital nomad).

Remote Worker Security Working From Home or in Public Spaces

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“Remote Workforce Security”

Presented by EstesGroup with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce

Your data protection begins with you. A good cloud provider is your most critical resource for data backup and disaster recovery planning when your company is dependent on remote workers!

Cybersecurity Threat Vectors

How to Work From Home

Home security systems protect you from physical intruders.

Data loss or identity theft?

You need more than a motion light and a sprinkler.

How to Stay Secure in Public Spaces

At an airport, a coffeeshop, a hotel, or a public park?

On the move or on the sofa?

Learn what you can do to secure your data anywhere.


Security Solutions are Adapting to Remote Work Culture


Remote worker security begins with awareness and training. Threat vectors happen, but cybersecurity victories do, too. If you know how criminals can access your information, you know where to build your fortresses.



Cyberthreat Vectors

(how the hackers get in) 

Phishing, Web & Ransomware     Compromised Credentials     Weak passwords     Relationships & Propagation     Poor Encryption     Unpatched Vulnerabilities     Misconfigurations     Malicious Insiders     Zero Day & Unknown Methods



Security and Data Protection Now Begins at Home


Even if you go to the office every day, you might have work email, or a similar app, installed on a mobile device. Securing traveling devices becomes a dance around Wi-Fi stranger danger and friendly shoulder surfing.



Cyber Dance Victors

(how to jitterbug around trap doors)


Install updates as they happen, including antivirus and anti-malware tools.

Clear your devices of programs that aren’t necessary.

Keep your connections secure, and keep your devices locked.

Use password managers, secure browsers, and stay alert to potential threats.



Average cost

of a ransomware attack

197 Days

Average time

it takes to surface a data breach

19 minutes

Average time

it takes a skilled hacker to attack


Your Business is the Security Bridge


Small businesses, big businesses, just-right businesses… No matter the size of your company, you provide the shelter for your data. You also provide bridges of stability for corporate communication. Cybersecurity serves as the foundation for these safe pathways that support and build the community of teamwork and partnership that your growth and success depend on.



Do you struggle with any of these common security shortfalls?

  • Security and IT infrastructure funding
  • Low IT skill or inadequate support for key talent
  • Aging equipment or unpatched devices
  • Overworked employees
  • Untrained staff


58% of cybercrime victims are small businesses. New threats target 100% of us. EstesGroup wants you to protect your family, your friends, your data, and your livelihood by adapting to the pervasive culture of the dark web.


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