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What is EstesGroup Private Cloud ERP Hosting?

Enterprise Application (ERP) Hosting, also known as Private Cloud, gives companies the flexibility and control required to grow quickly and safely.


Your company chose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for good reason. Upgradability and customizability are always key concerns, especially in regard to ERP deployment. Many companies talk about “going Cloud,” but sometimes true SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Cloud isn’t a perfect fit. Luckily, companies that chose “On-Premise” models over SaaS, or vice versa, are no longer limited by these two deployment options.

What is EstesGroup Cloud ERP Hosting?

EstesGroup’s Managed ERP Hosting marries the benefits of SaaS Cloud with the privacy and control of on-premise deployment. Hosting, also known as Private Cloud, frees companies from costly hardware purchases and removes the inherent risks of on-premise deployment. EstesGroup’s Managed ERP Hosting gives you the newest technology available, lets you maintain control of upgrades and data, and keeps you competitive and secure.

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