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EstesGroup – The ERP Partner for Your Business

ERP PartnerAs an official Epicor ERP partner, our seasoned team of professionals understand that an ERP solution and the implementation of that solution are never a one-size-fits-all situation. Our clientele work in varied industries and possess unique competencies that differentiate their respective value propositions from their competitors, and so we work to ensure that they are equipped with everything they need to succeed. We don’t need to tell you that ERP systems impact nearly every aspect of a company, and we certainly don’t need to tell you about the importance of meeting the expectations of our clientele. ERP’s can make or break a business model, and after a Business Process Review of your enterprise, we will know exactly what it takes to make a great one for your unique needs.

We have heard the horror stories of poorly executed ERP implementations and pride ourselves on our standing as an official ERP implementation partner of the Epicor suite of products designed to enhance your capabilities as a business. Our team of ERP consultants help our clientele mitigate the likelihood of an ERP implementation failure through active management of the scope of the project in terms of reducing complexity, managing risk, and seamlessly integrating data into the new system.

When these business-specific peculiarities come into contact with a packaged application, discrepancies can arise between the capabilities of the application and the needs of the business (who naturally require a highly flexible ERP solution). Addressing these issues is the driving force behind EstesGroup’s commitment to providing a solution complete with a diverse group of certified senior level Epicor implementation experts. Our implementation consultants will undoubtedly be the ERP partners you can trust to focus 100% of their time on setting your business up for success.

Your Premier ERP Implementation Partner

ERP Implementation PartnerBeing an Epicor ERP partner means that our team will work closely with your staff to customize the arrangement of modules and integrations so that your company has exactly what you need, while anything that is not useful to you will be removed from the equation. Due to the fact that we only hire consultants who have demonstrated excellence in this industry and those who have many years of experience under their belt, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ll be working with an individual who has our stamp of approval. Excellence, expertise and efficiency is what we are about, and we won’t rest until your business is more than satisfied with our work.

As a leading Epicor ERP partner, we sell, support, host, maintain and manage the implementation of ERP solutions for our clients. Our consultants who will act as your ERP partner are certified at the highest levels in Epicor’s certified partnership program. As a value-added reseller and integrator, we have access to information and improvements that can only be learned by specializing in this discipline for years.

Contact our team today to schedule a tailored demo of the Epicor ERP software for your specific needs!