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ERP System Integration Services

In today’s data-driven environment, it’s vital to have a fully integrated ERP system so that the various siloes within your enterprise can adequately communicate with each other to ensure that your business processes are on-time and within budget. That is what EstesGroup’s implementation team is here for; we want to ensure that your Epicor ERP solution is fully optimized for your business model by providing ERP integration services to pull in the capabilities provided by third-party tools [such as manifest shipping, credit card processing, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and many others.]

Integrate Business Apps

Every business utilizes their own suite of software applications that are critical to operations, and we want to ensure that you’re able to streamline those tools so that your team can perform at the highest level possible. This performance is made possible through a highly flexible solution such as Epicor ERP and the Epicor consulting services provided by EstesGroup.

Thanks to the centralization of information through an ERP software solution, each department will have the necessary information to mobilize their teams rather than face decision-making bottlenecks from a lack of communication. This high-level of performance will have residual effects in every department, such as improving customer relations by speeding up the turnover to respond to complaints, enhancing financial projections for a variety of timelines and the costs surrounding delays in various project sprints, and many other situations.

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Epicor ERP can be integrated with leading eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce, PayPal, and Amazon, which tends to be a very important component in today’s world due to that fact that most transactions occur online (regardless of the business model being B2B or B2C). Realize the benefits of integrating applications, such as your credit card processing or marketing automation software, with Epicor ERP.

Below are just two examples of how these ERP system integrations can enhance your business:


The Magento eCommerce platform is used as a front-end to big-time retailers and small businesses alike. Integrating Magento into your Epicor ERP software allows you to retain all the benefits of that application as well as leverage the perks of having the data collected from that application cross-referenced with other pieces of data, such as online and offline marketing engagement to develop customer-specific pricing, discounts and payment methods. You’ll also be able to ensure that inventory is updated in real-time and rules are set to automatically place new orders for that component so that production is on-time and your customers are never disappointed.

By leveraging this ERP system integration, you’ll create new efficiencies for your company, eliminate the informational disconnect between departments, and improve your project management capabilities.


Salesforce is a powerful CRM that can provide new sales opportunities when integrated with Epicor ERP. Merging front-end and back-end data opens new reporting capabilities. For example, order history from Salesforce can be compared with Epicor ERP data to determine how well accounts were managed by your sales team, identify pain-points that aren’t being addressed, adjust supply to demand, and identify seasonality to a much higher degree. Procurement, production, distribution planning and scheduling are closer to achieving operational excellence when your CRM is fully-integrated into your ERP.

Streamline Internal Processes with Real-Time Data

Our ERP integration services provide you with a boost to your internal productivity by facilitating an automated data exchange between platforms. In addition to eliminating labor-intensive duplicate processes and manual data entry, human error in interpreting specific pieces of information is reduced. Through Epicor ERP reporting customizations, you will be able to look at key metrics from third-party integrations in one place to make day-to-day changes in your business activities without having to worry nearly as much about accidental oversights of key pieces of information that could change the plan; the flow of information from all necessary sources will be accessible on any device at any time.

The primary goal of an ERP system integration is to ensure that you can easily gain meaningful insights from real-time data so that your enterprise can remain as lean as possible. End-to-end ERP system integrations create a seamless process from start to finish, from sales orders and inventory control to shipping updates and customer information so that the scope of a given project is never lost.

Reduce Costs/Increase ROI

For an enterprise to reduce costs by boosting efficiency and cutting out waste, fully integrated ERP systems is where you need to start in that process as it essentially acts as the brain of your company. With a highly flexible solution like Epicor ERP that has a software team constantly making improvements to it, you don’t have to worry about your solution being obsolete within a few years; you simply have to stay up to date on the integrations your company could leverage to advance your initiatives, saving your company a vast amount of time and money over the long-term in terms of never having to leave your ERP system. On top of that, Epicor provides great customer service, and would be more than happy to discuss any recommendations on improvements or integrations they could look into developing down the road to help all of its clientele achieve greatness in their industry.

By leveraging EstesGroup’s capabilities, you will be integrating mission-critical applications into your ERP system, and fully realize the benefits of increased interdepartmental communication, improved decision-making, optimized productivity, and a seamless customer experience.

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