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EstesGroup – A Premier Epicor ERP Reseller

While there are many ERP Vendors out there, EstesGroup is a market leader in the ERP industry, as we are currently the only Epicor Certified Partner reseller for both Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 in the United States. In turn, this allows us to provide the best possible ERP solution for your company’s needs.

The Epicor ERP system is among the most advanced, versatile and scalable ERP solutions in the industry. Thus, being a preferred Epicor Reseller allows us to provide you with an array of full-service modules: from customer relationship management to production management. The Epicor ERP software is truly capable of anything, and by choosing a certified Epicor ERP reseller like EstesGroup, you will have the customer service you need to ensure a successful rollout of your chosen ERP software solution.

Why Choose EstesGroup As Your Epicor Reseller?

When you set out to buy an ERP software, your business will require much more than just the software itself. This is when having a certified ERP reseller can be incredibly advantageous. During the transition, you’ll need a consultant to help you through the myriad of tasks that come with implementing a new system including:

  • Reviewing your business processes to decide which components you need and which ones you don’t,
  • Help you with the migration of data,
  • Train your employees on how to use the system,
  • Develop user-friendly custom dashboards that report on Key Performance Indicators that are important to your various teams,
  • Help with the project management side of the ERP implementation, and much more.

ERP ResellerThat is why EstesGroup exists as a certified ERP Reseller. We’re here so you don’t have to scramble during an implementation that may later on be featured in the news as an example of an ERP failure – we help you avoid that failure from the very beginning.

As a value-added ERP Reseller, we want to help you find a turn-key solution that not only improves your business processes by tearing down informational barriers, but also enables you to develop a solution that immediately contributes to improving your company’s bottom-line.

While we are a licensed Epicor Reseller, we are also independent of Epicor, therefore our recommendations are not limited to just Epicor products and services; if we come across an instance where there’s a need for an integration with a third-party tool, our seasoned consultants will be able to guide you through that selection process. We choose our solutions based around your needs, as they offer the greatest value and quality to your business.

Contact us today so that we may schedule a demo of Epicor ERP that is tailored to your company’s specific needs!

Answer some brief questions to gain access to our Process Improvement video series and let’s get started on making your business run better on Epicor ERP or Prophet 21 today.