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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module in Epicor ERP

When it comes to commerce, the way your company manages its interactions with its customers can make or break the business. That’s why a capable Customer Relation Management software is imperative to your enterprise.

CRM Module in ERP

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relation Management (CRM) software allows an organization to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of the customer relationship. From lead generation to the development of a sales opportunity, ordering, production, shipping and supplying the goods, payment, and ongoing support of the customer; each moment in this process can be effectively managed in the Epicor ERP CRM.

Some of the benefits of a CRM module in ERP include:

  • Improved database management for quick access to customer’s information.
  • Building better relationships with clients by having complete access to their entire ordering history and being able to make detailed notes each step of the way to guide future marketing outreach efforts.
  • Increased data clarity to be leveraged for team collaboration.
  • Greater customer retention from having more than just one member of the sales team involved in the relationship. This allows the customer’s needs to be met by anyone on the team.

The CRM Module in ERP enhances the management of multiple disciplines, including production management, financial management, human capital management among many others. CRM ERP integration truly enables your organization to provide value-added services to its customers and ensure that they are being served efficiently.

The Features of Epicor CRM

Epicor ERP offers powerful tools for CRM, including the following:

  • Lead and Opportunity Management – These tools outfit your sales team with accurate revenue forecasts, automated administrative tasks, and the ability to synchronize CRM data with Microsoft® Office so that they can access the customer information within Outlook, Excel, or Word.
  • Contact Management – Document and share your communications with customers or specific siloes within your organization and use the task management tools to improve overall focus and responsiveness.
  • Customer Connect – Provide your customers with interactive content, including special promotions, price lists, the ability to make repeat purchases, and to easily pay on their account. 
  • Marketing Management – Import contacts, manage automated emails targeted specifically to certain customers, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns in a format that can be easily tracked and reported on.
  • Case Management – Give your customer support center the tools they need to effectively resolve issues. The case management tools provide standardized method of resolving customer issues complete with searchable online answer books for existing service calls and dispatching activities, information about warranties and service contracts.
  • Mobile CRM – Your CRM software should be as mobile as your workforce is. Epicor ERP allows for mobile access to the entire CRM suite on most mobile devices. Whether they’re on vacation, working from home, or on the road for any reason, your employees can manage leads, customers and contacts, handle quotes and order shipments, create activity-based workflows, log calls and emails, and create to-do lists.
  • Integration with Salesforce Software – Allows you the ability to create and manage customer records, and automatically updates both systems any time you alter records in either one. Use this integration to flag a “won” opportunity in Salesforce and Epicor ERP that will create a quote and alert you if any inventory items are not loaded in the Epicor ERP. The rest of the sales process can then be maintained through the ERP in an accurate and time saving way.

For more information on how CRM ERP integration can simplify your business functions, contact EstesGroup today.