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Planning and Scheduling Module (Epicor ERP Modules)

EstesGroup – An ERP Consulting Services Provider for Epicor Products

In any given day, businesses like yours are focused in multiple directions, including manufacturing and distributing products and providing services. It is vital for a multi-focused business to have a robust ERP planning and scheduling software system in order to meet all the needs and deadlines that each of these focuses demand. 

An ERP Consulting Services Provider for Epicor Products

Epicor offers ERP planning and scheduling software to meet the needs of global enterprise businesses. Whether you operate out of a single site or multiple sites, your planning and scheduling module can provide you with benefits such as forecasting and master production scheduling, management of supply and demand, capability based scheduling, tools for control and analysis of any project, multi-site management, and much more. Take a look at the features below for more information on the powerful planning and scheduling tools that this software places at your fingertips.

Epicor ERP Planning and Scheduling Module Features

ERP Consulting Services Provider for Epicor Products

Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling

These Epicor ERP Modules are designed to assist manufacturers and distributors with the day-to-day control of their production activities, the forecasting and master production scheduling tools support multiple, mixed-mode strategies simultaneously. Included is historical-valued forecasting, forecasting buckets that forecast for variable periods, forecast analysis, and inter-company trading tools that provide analysis of forecasts from other companies within the enterprise.

Epicor Smart Demand Planner

Cloud-based statistical forecasting that accounts for trends, seasonality, and promotion or event-driven demand. Accurately forecast the inventory needed to hit desired service levels with an intermittent demand model. Produce a baseline forecast that can be used for collaboration between teams and consensus planning by authorized stakeholders.

Material Requirements Planning

Designed for cross-plant and cross-company planning, the material requirements system in the ERP Planning and Scheduling software efficiently manages supply and demand through tools such as:

  • MRP generation
  • Material planning
  • Planning contracts
  • Dynamic lead times
  • Part planning tools
  • Plan as assembly
  • Planning horizon
  • Auto job firm process
  • Multisite
  • Multilevel pegging
  • Sourcing by plant
  • Available-to-promise
  • Planning types
  • Rough cut horizon
  • Recycle jobs
  • Short horizon days of supply
  • Calculate manufacturing lead time
  • Start minimum quantity
  • Bill of materials check

Scheduling and Resource Management

The scheduling and resource management suite of tools provided in the Epicor ERP modules for Planning and Scheduling help the manager to visually locate problems with overload or slack conditions. The production scheduling board provides drag-and-drop capabilities for multilevel assemblies and operations. Enjoy the convenience of graphic displays of schedules by job, resource, resource group, or plant. Alerts provide indicators of potential problems to the schedule. Other tools in the ERP Scheduling software include:

  • Operation complete quantity and complete times displays
  • Overload informer
  • Multi-job scheduler
  • What-If and change impact
  • Resource group with unlimited resources defined
  • Condition forward schedule
  • Finite load horizon
  • Resource-based scheduling
  • Reschedule delta
  • Scheduling factor send ahead
  • Scheduling blocks
  • Material constraints display

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

As an extension to the Scheduling module, Advanced ERP Planning and Scheduling software provides enhanced abilities to handle a wide range of scheduling methods, including multiple constraint scheduling, capability and dependent capability scheduling, real-time capable-to-promise functionality, and advanced functionality in material planning.

Multisite Management

As manufacturers and distributors look for new tools to help manage multi-plant operations, the Epicor ERP modules for planning provide the ability for them to maximize the use of existing resources through features such as alternative production methods, which will optimize production methods based on the parts specifically available at each plant, as well as the ability to transfer materials or semi-complete components to another plant for efficient project completion.

Epicor ERP Planning and Scheduling Module Features

Whether you’re managing projects at multiple sites or managing multiple projects at a single site, your ERP planning and scheduling software can make the difference between wasted resources and missed deadlines or on-time delivery of the services and products your customers demand. Epicor’s production ERP planning software enables you to maximize utilization of your resources for optimum scheduling, planning, and profitability. For more information, contact EstesGroup today.

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