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Epicor ERP Success Story

Location: Texas

Industry: Solar Energy

Working with our expert ERP team where the expertise was lacking to get the job done.

A Case Study for Ad Hoc Consulting Expertise to Assist in a Full Epicor Implementation

This Epicor ERP success story comes from a Texas Solar Energy Company that was responsible for installing and maintaining solar farms. Each farm had rows of panels, wiring, complex structures that required:

  • Sales
  • Solar need analysis (quotes)
  • Production of panels, including unique serial numbers
  • Installation
  • Tracking of parts and labor
  • Tracking of maintenance needs
  • Work Orders
  • Work Order tracking
  • Job Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Monitoring

Each project required these elements and each component could take months or even years to complete. These complex solar energy systems required multiple departments to coordinate responsibilities, and without an ERP system, there were holes in the process that resulted in lost time and lost revenue.

They choose to use Epicor Project Module and we were the consultants assigned to the task of coordinating the full implementation. We worked with the Project Manager and the Subject Matter Expert to understand the scope of the project and assist as a single point consultant on that module. It was a short term project to help them get started in the right new direction for their company. We were able to address all the client’s needs with Epior ERP project management and offer our expertise on behalf of Epicor.

Once EstesGroup had implemented Epicor project management, the client was able to breakdown the project into multiple WBS (Work Breakdown Structures) and Phases to create ‘on-time’ manufacturing and delivery to the field for when the products were ready and needed for install. By having the entire project broken down in such a way, we were able to show the client how to ‘eat the elephant’, or tackle their huge projects, one bite at a time.

Are you struggling with a complex project consisting of multiple transactions that you are struggling to get your arms around?

Do you need a way to provide a fixed fee / cost plus / milestone billing contract to your new clients?

Would this open up a whole new market of opportunity for you?

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