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ERP Project Management Software

Epicor® Kinetic ERP

Epicor ERP Project Management Module

Is your team struggling to complete projects on time and within budget? Are you looking for a project management tool that will allow you to handle multilevel, intricate projects while providing you with strict costing and billing features? Look no further. Epicor’s ERP Project Management Module can do all of this, and more.

Epicor ERP Project Management Module Benefits

Manufacturing project management software from Epicor provides the transparency and visibility you need to manage the costs and resources required to complete each phase of your project. Additionally, you will have the powerful analytical tools to study the use of material, burden, and labor in order to make important management decisions that can improve your bottom line. Your production teams can stay connected through social networking, and this fully embedded tool connects each project with the contracts that control it and specifically assigned supplies and schedules. 

Project Management Enterprise Resource Planning

Epicor Project Management Software Module Features

Project Planning & Analysis

Epicor’s ERP Project Planning software provides flexible Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) capabilities that include multilevel phases within the project and access to the powerful Epicor scheduling engine so that the management and project schedule are fully visible and in your control. All cost related info that is accumulated during the WBS phase, including supporting budgets, estimated completion values, and calculated, estimated, and actual costs are rolled up through the project structure. You have added analysis capabilities through cross-project scrutiny of material, burden, and labor.


Social Project Management

Epicor’s project management tools include social enterprise features that provide the ability to leverage social network connections in order to collaborate better within the whole project community and improve access to knowledge that will help your team complete their goals. Epicor’s social enterprise also enables those involved in the project to subscribe, follow, and trend the information that matters most to them.


Project Generation

A project can be generated at any time, including at the quote, when the sales order is placed, or after the contract with the customer has been signed. You have the ability to define the default method for project approvals, the workflow group, and the work breakdown structure. You are also able to define multiple operations, their sequence, resource roles, and planned hours. All of this helps your teams to have transparency during every phase of your project.


Contract Management

Contract Management helps you to maintain all of the contractual arrangements within the project, complete with customer details, key contract dates, values, who the project manager is, and the appropriate revenue recognition method. Establish invoice ceilings to limit the amount billed for particular role codes. The Epicor ERP Contract Management tool offers specific functions to cater to the needs of those working with government contracts, as well.


Planning Contract

A planning contract may be associated with one or more projects, allowing all new sales orders, purchase orders, or jobs linked to the project to bear the contract ID. This provides the ability to link supply and demand to the project and for demand to be fulfilled by supplies that have been specifically assigned to the project.


Revenue Recognition and Analysis

Easily process the various milestones and contractually defined billing points in your project through the Revenue Recognition Workbench. Generate journals for revenue recognition based on the costs produced from the Project Analysis during the life of the project.


Project Billing

With the Epicor ERP Project Management module, you can generate progress and milestone billing for customer invoices, with the ability to defer the revenue and cost of sale to be recognized at various stages of the project. You can bill based on a fixed date, fixed amount, or a user-defined stage of production.


Resource Management

Define all resources available, including employees, contractors, equipment, and machinery. The Epicor Project Management tool for Resource Management offers a comprehensive calendar, the ability to define resource capabilities and roles, as well as detailed costing and billing information throughout the lifespan of the project.


Time Management

The Time Management tool allows you to record and manage time across projects, jobs, service orders, and internal codes. The reliability of time recording is reinforced by task-centric entry options. A flexible approval process ensures that transactions are authorized and backed up by an audit trail.


Expense Management

Epicor’s Expense Management tool allows you to securely record and manage multi-currency expenses across projects, jobs, and service orders. You can also easily track internal expenses and ensure that these expenses are properly authorized and produce a comprehensive audit trail, with approved transactions flowing directly to Accounts Payable.


How can project management help your manufacturing business?

Managing a project requires effective management of time, resources, costs, and billing. Epicor’s Project Management module considers all of these aspects at each level of your project, making it the go-to project management software for manufacturers. For more information on the ERP Project Management Module or other features of the Epicor ERP system, including the latest Epicor® Kinetic 2021 ERP, contact us today.

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