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Epicor ERP Supply Chain Management (SCM) Module

Modern business operations understand automation is an integral piece to streamlining operational processes, services, and efficiency. EstesGroup’s ERP solutions can positively impact your company’s ability to manage supply chain ecosystems, allowing you to quickly understand where your shipments are, what the status of your inventory is, and how best to meet the needs of your customers.

Role and Benefits of ERP in Supply Chain Management

An essential part of any ERP system, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the first choice for majority of manufacturers and other industries, allowing for effective demand forecasting to ensure that your cost of inventory is minimized for a large-batch production process. An ERP Supply Chain Management solution reduces bottlenecks in production by handling the proper procurement and supply of the goods and services your customers need. You are able to quickly view and manage essential components of your production processes in order to make more balanced decisions about your supply chain.

An Estes Group Epicor ERP supply chain management (SCM) system provides the following benefits and solutions for your business:

  • Supply Chain Management ERP ModuleInventory Management – An SCM module in your ERP provides you with a comprehensive inventory tracking system. This allows you to organize and categorize your inventory, manage detailed warehouse data, and record various product movements.
  • Supply Chain Planning – Identify top marketing channels and promote your goods and services with regulated stock quantity and inventory to ensure that you stay on top of customer demands.
  • Global Visibility – Know where the inventory is located and how it is stored, so you can discover potential issues and resolve them more efficiently; keeping your production flowing smoothly.
  • Evaluate Vendor Performance – Many companies fail to recognize that it’s time to switch vendors until the problems with their current vendors start impacting the entire supply chain. With SCM integrated into your ERP, your purchasing department has continual monitoring of vendor performance.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – ERP solutions allow all of the members of your production team to share information throughout the production process in real-time.
  • Risk Prevention and Governmental Compliance – By having absolute visibility into productions and the ability to facilitate user-based access to data and the ability to modify it, you are better able to meet compliance standards and prevent fraud or theft.

Epicor ERP Supply Chain Management Module Features

Supply chain management requires scalable and automated solutions coupled with the ability to monitor and analyze the entire production process in order to better meet customer needs. Epicor’s ERP supply chain management solution com. Some of the features available with the Epicor ERP SCM module include:

  • Automated purchasing tools improve collaboration with suppliers, order accuracy, and purchasing negotiations. You are also able to reduce inventory levels and improve on-time deliveries, enhancing your ability to obtain better cash flow with cross-referencing, mass-purchase order receipts, and requisition tracking.
  • The Epicor ERP Supplier Relationship Management tools allow greater visibility and insight into supplier communications as well as the creation of centralized records for buyers, parts, and suppliers. Additionally, these tools allow you to quickly convert supplier responses into actionable purchase orders.
  • Tools to assist you in managing long and short-term order contracts as well as statistical forecasting and planning that enable collaboration, consolidation, and aggregation to increase your organization’s efficiency and provide a better customer experience.
  • The ability to minimize inventory risks and to remain in compliance with regulatory standards via Epicor’s inventory management tools. Manage the flow of materials from the purchase order, through manufacturing, until the product is shipped. Reduce annual audit costs through convenient and continual automated inventory counting.
  • Link your warehouse with your ordering and processing operations in order to automate your fulfillment processes and eliminate wasted resources.
  • Advanced Material Management provides you with the ability to produce accurate electronic requests through simple bar code scanning as well as monitor your raw materials and work-in-progress throughout your entire enterprise.
  • The Shipping and Receiving tools allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing items for orders, subcontracted parts that are being sent to your suppliers, the raw materials you are receiving, and the fulfillment of an order from stock. Process shipments and order receipts quickly and accurately, and improve margins by reducing the costs of freight, insurance, and import duties through a more functional shipping and receiving process.
  • Provide suppliers with their own portal through Epicor’s Supplier Connect allowing them to easily respond to requests for information and confirm changes to purchase orders. This increases sales efficiency and reduces the need for staff time in answering inquiries by email, fax, or phone.

For more information about how Epicor can provide ease and greater visibility to your supply chain management, contact EstesGroup today.