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Epicor ERP Consultants

Experience makes us the best of our breed

Our ERP Consulting Process

Seasoned Epicor ERP consultants are hard to come by, yet with EstesGroup, you can rest assured that you will receive an outstanding ERP implementation consultant from our implementation team who will provide your company with a detailed perspective that reaches to the core to find the right solution for your business’s internal struggles with your current systems. In other words, we are here to guide you along your ERP journey so that you avoid costly mistakes, achieve operational excellence, and ultimately revolutionize your business.

We are committed to understanding your business through an extensive business process review so that you have a partner you can rely on in any situation. We want to prepare you for a bright future beyond our consulting services, which is why our certified Epicor ERP consultants are more than happy to provide your team with extensive ERP training for your end-users and upper-management so that everyone is well-equipped to succeed.

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With over twenty years of success in our field, EstesGroup has more senior-level certified Epicor consultants than any other Epicor consulting company. We pride ourselves on our level of teamwork and we ensure that everyone who needs to be involved in the process of your Epicor ERP implementation can voice their concerns and be an active contributor in the development of this enormous undertaking.

Our consultation process begins by diagnosing the problem or situation your company currently faces, along with your current practices to gain a holistic view of your operations. After we have established the “why” of the problem, we move forward with making recommendations suited towards achieving your overarching goals.

Do you believe that your business is ready to work with the world’s leading Epicor ERP implementation consultants? If so, we’re always ready to discuss the unique needs and goals of your business and to recommend the best way we can get you there.

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