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We are the most experienced Epicor ERP Partner in the US.

Strong and experienced Epicor consulting is hard to come by.

Engage with EstesGroup for clear and concise results. 

Are you looking for just an answer to your technical question or are you looking for someone that knows how to make your business run better and really understands your problems both with your ERP and in your Business? 


Here’s a factor that most businesses fail to account for when choosing an Epicor ERP consultant:

Yes, you want to hire someone who’s an expert in the Epicor ERP solution they install for you. But you also want someone who’s an expert in your company, someone who commits to understanding your unique business processes and partners with your enterprise to achieve its total success.

Partnership becomes the key differentiator.

The right Epicor ERP implementation specialist shouldn’t be just some jobbing freelancer you call when things go wrong. Ideally, they’re your ally and colleague – there for you through thick and thin, and willing to share and adapt what they know so your business can truly evolve.

If you’re looking for Epicor ERP consulting with deep knowledge, vast experience, total commitment to your enterprise, and one of the best track records in the business – look no further.

With over twenty years of success in our field, EstesGroup has more senior level 100 percent certified Epicor consultants than any other company. We pride ourselves on teamwork, our unique ability to work with your business as collaborators in your success. Which is why we stipulate right off the bat: your company must commit to your Business Process Reengineering as much as we at EstesGroup do.


What makes a consultant great vs just ok? I’m sure you have all experienced this over the years, but the great Epicor consultants have a show you mentality. Great Epicor Consulting knows that for you to understand your options and make the best decisions possible you have to be able to see it; see it on the whiteboard, in the software, or even in a process flow. We will show you the way and not just talk about it. 

Do you believe that your business is ready to work with the world’s leading Epicor consultants?

Before you decide, we invite you to educate yourself further. Specifically, read our blog series on:

And here you can get an idea on how we operate: view the Epicor 10.1 Webinar and see how we communicate and show you.

Once you’ve perused this material, contact an EstesGroup ERP consultant. We’re always ready to discuss the unique needs and goals of your business, and to recommend the best way we can get you there together.


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