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Epicor ERP for Automotive:

With the complexity and shopview control you need.

Automotive ERP Software System

Today, automakers supply a large percentage of the world’s manufacturing output. Household names such as Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, and BMW are routinely featured as some of the most successful global companies. To stay competitive, manufacturers have begun to reject conventional business paradigms. To that end, only a robust automotive ERP solution like Epicor ERP can provide manufacturers with an edge.

How Epicor ERP Gives Automotive Companies an Advantage

Automotive ERP Software
At its heart, Epicor ERP is a 100% Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) ERP system. It connects all disparate applications into a cohesive platform to facilitate data exchange. Epicor’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities provide an outstanding level of access to information in real time through robust analytical dashboards. With Epicor Service Connect, secure workflows can be coordinated between Epicor and non-Epicor applications. This provides manufacturers with the ability to optimize lean manufacturing practices to eliminate waste and achieve operational excellence.

#1 Epicor Supports Advanced Materials Management (AMM)

Advanced Materials Management (AMM) allows manufacturers to initiate requests for materials, deploy those materials, and track all work in progress. Epicor ERP software for the automotive industry is also capable of allocating materials in an adaptive structure, ensuring that high-volume customers receive the greatest priority for instance.

#2 Epicor Delivers Traceability And Quality While Reducing Waste

Epicor ERP unites orders, sales, supply chains, production, and financial processes in one system. Through the Epicor Advanced Quality Management suite of applications, you can monitor all vital factors pertaining to manufacturing profitability. This allows you to reduce rework, defective rates, and warranty liabilities.


At its core, Epicor ERP promotes lean manufacturing practices based on the Kanban model of “pull production.” In this model, inventory is replenished according to market conditions rather than estimations of demand.


When disruptions do occur, Epicor’s XSOL InOrder and Epicor Knowledge Mentor applications help to ensure that all critical business functions are preserved. Epicor ERP eliminates labor and inventory waste while preserving the integrity of the manufacturing process.

#3 Epicor Promotes Global Materials Management And Operations

An Automotive ERP system supports global materials management and operations by consolidating enterprise data across all global platforms. This allows you to synchronize all of your production processes to optimize your supply chain across the board. Epicor ERP also provides you with the ability to comply with global financial and regulatory requirements.


Overall, Epicor boasts more than 40 years of experience in providing efficient, industry-focused solutions. Its secure SaaS cloud-based deployment framework is designed to deliver optimum revenue growth in today’s competitive marketplace. A fully adaptive ERP software optimized for the automotive industry and your organization’s processes will streamline manufacturing, improve your speed to market and eliminate waste.


If you’re an automotive manufacturer looking for an ERP implementation partner to accelerate your operational efficiency and expand your global market share, request your free consultation today.

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