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ERP Software for The Fabrication Industry

There are few places where accuracy and the need to have the necessary supplies on-time and precise are more important than in the fabrication industry. Other pressures found in the process of fabricating metals include:

  • Global competition
  • Increasingly complex regulatory requirements
  • Shorter product lifecycles
  • The ever-changing cost of raw materials
  • The adoption of quality and value-added services

With so many pressures, data integrations and all of the information that goes into such a customer-led process having an ERP software that is designed for Fabrication Industry is vital. As it allows you the operational visibility you need to reduce production costs while increasing the quality of the products you provide. Some of the features that this powerful ERP Software includes are:

  • A cost estimator that can help you create accurate quotes on a tight time frame.
  • Accurate scheduling and costing of products requiring multiple levels of assemblies.
  • Product traceability from start to finish.
  • Software integrations that allow you to optimize material utilization and reduce scrap.
  • The ability to track tool effectiveness and to respond to quality failures.
  • Access key performance indicators that can help you to monitor the profitability of your products.
  • Predictive analytics to properly estimate the impact of engineering changes.
  • Embedded lean activity metrics.
  • Complete multi-site capabilities to provide your customers with global presence and local control.
  • Flexible deployment options and unparalleled support.

ERP for Steel Manufacturing & Fabrication

If you’re in the business of steel manufacturing, general metal fabrication, or fabrication of other materials such as foam or fiber, Epicor’s ERP software for the fabrication industry provides you with efficient and cost-effective techniques that can take your products through all of the phases of creating your products.

Contact us for more information about hosting solutions, employee training and all of the ways Epicor ERP for metal fabrication can help make your job easier, your costs less, and your customers happier.