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Epicor ERP for Semiconductor & Hi-Tech Industry

Designed with the control and tracking your company needs

Semiconductor & High-Tech ERP Software Solutions

Semiconductor and high-tech production ERP are becoming more and more Semiconductor ERPcomplex than ever before due to the intricate supply chains, lengthy purchase lead times, and accelerated product obsolescence that exist in today’s marketplace. Thanks to the Epicor ERP data tools, process controls, lifecycle monitoring, and advanced materials-tracking, you are able to minimize risk while meeting demand and predicting upcoming trends and translating them into your fabless manufacturing lines. EstesGroup offers various ERP deployment services such as on-premise or from the cloud for the Epicor ERP software, with multi-site capabilities for the hi-tech software solutions to work for your enterprise on a global scale. These attributes make Epicor ERP essential for heavily sourced, rapidly changing semiconductor and high-tech supply lines and manufacturers, especially those that use fabless production.

Ideation and Planning

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module within Epicor ERP provides your team with a detailed and complete workflow for each quote, from design to estimate, and additional tools allow for real-time customer requests to be taken into account. Epicor ERP’s Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) capabilities analyze semiconductor production systems, capacity, priority, and many other factors to precisely calculate completion time for each project. This predictive analysis breaks down key performance indicators to help you easily understand the impact of engineering decisions, market fluctuations, or supply changes.

Monitoring Production

Once underway, Epicor Mattec® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) collects and monitors real-time data from your assembly lines. This provides a constant, accurate understanding of equipment status to ensure consistent performance for your semiconductor company.

Instantly pinpoint inefficiencies to improve equipment effectiveness.

Beyond the Supply Chain

Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) offers tailored human resource information to aid you in continually meeting industry standards. Automated processes enable you to monitor requirements for employee skills and certifications.

Epicor ERP even provides crowd-sourcing tools by fully embedding collaboration solutions. Epicor Social Enterprise allows information sharing and resource building to span the company, even for users unfamiliar with the hi-tech software ecosystem.

Epicor ERP is the definitive solution for high-tech and semiconductor manufacturing and production companies, as you receive industry-focused, analytics-based answers to complex problems to comprehensively manage and streamline your production processes.

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