Epicor for Manufacturing: More powerful control over your total manufacturing operations

Working with our 100% Certified Epicor ERP Consultants will achieve your most important goal: Growth.

To grow your manufacturing we have to address and overcome the challenges you face.

We have a proved Peak Methodology that will move us through your transition to Epicor ERP for Manufacturing.

A proper Epicor ERP implementation and our ground-floor manufacturing experience we will enable you to:

  • Know which customers you make the most profit on.
  • Know what products you make the most profit on based on your manufacturing facility’s capabilities.
  • Understand and communicate to the smallest detail the manufacturing process of the products you make.
  • Track labor/machine time, material, tooling, outside processes of what you make to the smallest detail.
  • Analyze each completed manufactured part/product process detail to see if there might be a better way of making something the next time you do the same part/product or something similar.
  • Continually communicate the importance of why manufacturing process improvement is the key to a profitable manufacturing concern that delivers a quality product on time to its customer’s specification and their desired due date.



Download Your Epicor ERP Manufacturing Brief and let’s optimize your business processes.

Your Production Team will have the tools they need to create superior scheduling and what if scheduling with Epicor manufacturing.

Using the overload informer and the change impact informer to make detailed and precise adjustments in production.

Job release will be simplified using the production planning workbench.

Now you can keep quality above your customer standards with all of the management and scheduling tools of Epicor ERP.

Your growth of your company will be realized using one piece of software for the manufacturing industry, available anywhere, giving you a single version of the truth. Putting you in control and making manufacturing growth a reality every quarter to come.

Read our success story about a sheet metal manufacturer who went from managing their business using spreadsheets to 30 million dollar growth without increasing head count.

Let’s engage in an Epicor ERP for manufacturing implementation and ensure that your entire manufacturing operation improves, from better jobs, to manageable what if scheduling. We will be at your side with one mutual goal in mind for your manufacturing company. Sustainable and never ending growth.

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