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Analogyx BI

Data Analytics Platform for Epicor ERP
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Business Analytics for every Function

Analogyx BI offers Data Integration & Data Analytics platform powered by AI-ML for every business. Analogyx BI is the simplest, quickest & most efficient way to enable analytics and view near Realtime visibility of your overall business.



Analogyx BI & Data Analytics for ERP in 3 steps


STEP 1: Connect: Analogyx bi-directional connector enables connection to any database or data source or even multiple data sources to easily get the data from anywhere, on Any device – Cloud, on-premise or even Flat Files – and combine it for a complete picture of your business at your fingertips.


STEP 2: AGx Prepare: Not all data is constructed the same.  Analogyx AGx Data Transformation Engine makes it possible for any datasets connected to Analogyx BI to be Cleansed, Combined and Prepared for use, without having to engage outside technologies or services.

STEP 3: Visualization: Real-time visualization takes data from a raw format to visible information to provide insights quickly and accurately. Customize your visual layouts with sizing options, colors, explanatory text, and charts—no coding required!



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