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ERP Hosting for Aerospace & Defense

Keeping your operation's data secure, so you can stay compliant.
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Infrastructure as a Service, Managed Application Hosting & On-Premise Solutions for Aerospace & Defense ERP

Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software providers are pushing for their users to go to the cloud. But there are some industries and companies where going 100% “cloud” is just not an option. Some companies have too many third-party integrations – like Docstar, Parttrap, Manifest, Salesforce, CAD systems, Avalara, SourceDay, or a host of others.


Some companies have certain compliance requirements that keep them from moving to Software as a Service (SaaS. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) states that the import and export of data needs to be in a secure environment that is not intentionally or inadvertently shared with person(s) of foreign nationality. So, who needs to be ITAR compliant? Anyone who does business with the Department of Defense or who might be a supplier to a company that sells to the DoD. Because of this law, most aerospace & defense companies keep their software applications in an on-premise deployment so that they can verify the integrity of that data. This comes with added cost and other potential vulnerabilities.


Aerospace and defense manufacturing and distribution companies need a strong ERP system like Epicor ERP or Prophet 21, which has the functionality and flexibility to keep up with the rigorous specifications of the industry:

  • Deep-level methods of manufacturing
  • Part revisions and configurations
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Complex security setups & protocols based on the system deployment.


This is why the vast majority of aerospace and defense companies choose to deploy “on-premise” ERP infrastructure.


The problem with on-premise ERP deployments is that they are costly, labor intensive, and potentially open to attack if not properly protected. Epicor ERP is a robust ERP system, which needs at a minimum 3 servers per company, although most companies run 4 or 5. Servers also come with additional operational costs like extensive HVAC systems, more IT personnel, and hardware upgrades every 3 to 4 years to maintain optimal performance. That’s a lot of IT technical staff knowledge, work time, and hardware costs involved for ITAR-regulated companies. If you lose your ITAR certification, you are literally out of work. Thankfully, now there are hybrid and private cloud options, and our aerospace & defense ERP hosting design gives you cyber security, compliance and reliability with a lower IT spend overall.

Aerospace and Defense ERP Hosting

Why Choose Aerospace & Defense ERP Hosting Today

EstesGroup’s Epicor Managed Hosting services are designed with the aerospace and defense industry in mind. Our Epicor consulting specialists know the industry, the requirements, and how they indicate with cloud-based computing environments. Our Tier 3 Data Center partner is ITAR and HIPAA certified, verifying data security and US-only data access on top of the strict performance standards of a Tier 3 Data center. EstesGroup has the skillset to properly manage your Epicor system’s security patches, app servers, release cadence, etc., and you know that your data will meet ITAR certification requirements in an Epicor ERP or Prophet 21 ERP hosted environment.

Great support! They have a wonderful team. EstesGroup was the missing link for us after 10 plus years of Epicor. They are hosting our server and providing consulting for our full use of the system. Thanks EstesGroup!

Bryan Provo

President, Alliance Machine, Inc

ITAR Compliance
SOC 2 Compliance

About EstesGroup’s Managed ERP Hosting & Tier 3 Data Center Specifics:

EstesGroup’s ERP Managed Hosting Specifics:

  • EstesGroup is your Epicor software managed hosting partner. We specialize in Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 ERP, and we partner with you to optimize your software, and this includes managed application hosting.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing >99.9% uptime of your system
  • Dedicated staff that is knowledgeable in design, implementation, and operation of Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 ERP managed environments
  • 24/7 support team in place with Epicor skillsets for functional (finance & operations) and technical client needs
  • Best Practices for Disaster & Recovery
  • Ability to rapidly scale systems up or down based on client’s needs
    • No need to upgrade or repair hardware
    • No Server Maintenance
    • Best Practice Security Protocols to keep your ERP System safe from attack
  • EstesGroup’s Added Epicor Services:
    • ERP Task Agent Queue Monitoring
    • ERP Task Agent Errors Monitoring
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Runtime
    • ERP Response Time Reporting
    • ERP Data Folder Size Reporting
    • ERP Trends Reporting

Easy, Secure Access for Aerospace & Defense ERP Solutions


EstesGroup’s Tier III Data Center Partner Specifics

  • Cloud infrastructure and data centers independently audited to meet SSAE 16, SOC 1, TYPE 2, SOC2, Type1, HIPAA/HITECH, ITAR and PCI-DSS.
  • People-centric security with all employees trained at hire and annually on security policies and protocols.
  • Risk-based BC/DR plan that includes multiple live tests each year, follow-up action item review, and reporting.
  • Full Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program.
  • Audit-ready IT environments with technical and security controls to meet a variety of regulatory requirements and industry standards including: Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, ITAR, and FISMA.
  • Vendor due diligence program, executive-level security team, internal audit program following ISO-19011, and other strategies to optimize service availability while mitigating MSSP risks.
  • Audit assistance including helping with management representation letters and regulatory questionnaires and providing a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or copies of compliance documentation.
  • Data Center on-staff compliance officer.

Are you in a highly regulated industry? Do you need to adhere to strict documentation and security laws? Do you need assistance with ITAR compliance requirements? Contact EstesGroup today to discuss how our aerospace & defense ERP hosting offering is designed for your unique needs.