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EstesCloud: Epicor ERP Hosting

Relax, we've got IT covered.

What is Epicor ERP Hosting?

Simply put: it’s your Epicor ERP system on EstesGroup servers. No changes to the way your end users use Epicor ERP, but a lot less hassle for your IT people and no large hardware expenses and upgrades. It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s flexible. And it’s your data with the applications you need. 


And why put your Epicor ERP in EstesCloud?

EstesGroup is a Certified Epicor ERP Partner. We are known for our Epicor ERP Consulting and Implementation Expertise as well as our Managed IT (MSP) work. So whats that mean for you? Your Epicor ERP is in a safe environment being handled by people who know and are certified in your applications. No big hardware purchases as you upgrade your Epicor ERP system – you have known monthly operating costs instead of large capital expense costs. A fully planned backup and recover plan to keep your business running smoothly. And at the end of the day, your Epicor ERP system works how you need it to. 


Why Does Epicor Hosting Certification Matter to My Business?

Your Epicor system is at the center of your business, managing everything from orders, production, inventory, purchasing, to finance. Most companies cannot afford for their Epicor ERP system to go down, have security risks, or to run slowly. That’s where EstesGroup’s Epicor Managed Hosting Certification comes in. It mandates that we provide:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing >99.5% uptime (ours is 99.7% see our SLA here
  • Having dedicated staff that is knowledgeable in design, implementation, and operation of Epicor ERP managed environments
  • Hosting in a data center that meets or exceeds Uptime Institute Tier III data center requirements
  • 24/7 support team in place with Epicor ERP skillsets for functional and technical client needs
  • Best Practices for Disaster & Recovery
  • Ability to rapidly scale systems up or down based on client’s needs

Why not host with Amazon/Azure/Google?

We know you’ve got choices in hosting. The big players entered the game a while ago – Amazon, Azure, now Google. Sure, you can get your apps up there, and they’ll be ‘in the cloud’, but will the hosting company be responsive, and listen to your apps and know your Epicor ERP needs? Can they work with you as an Epicor ERP upgrade or consulting partner? We can. Is there a phone number to call if you have problems? Ours is 888-300-2340 

Epicor Hosting - Epicor ERP Hosting - 9 Steps to EstesGroup

What exactly is EstesGroup Hosting (ECHO)?

EstesGroup’s EstesCloud Hosting, or ECHO for short, is our hosting platform. For one monthly price, we include all the functionality and support you need to keep your hosted application(s) running properly for your business. One phone call puts you in touch with our support team. We know how Microsoft can challenge apps with SQL, IIS and OS issues, that’s why we cover your servers with 24x7x365 EstesCloud Monitoring.  We cover the backups and disaster recovery with EstesCloud BDR. We cover your users with EstesCloud Identity Management and keep the whole thing safer with EstesCloud Managed Firewalls. And on top of that, we know your Epicor ERP application and task agents. Relax, we’ve got your hosting covered.

EstesGroup is super responsive and always keeping us informed if there is a problem.

Scott Thompson

IT Director, Hosting Client

What You Get with EstesCloud Epicor Hosting

  • Known monthly business expense, no large capital expenses
  • Flexibility of hosting grows with your business
  • Proven backup and disaster recovery playbooks
  • No need to upgrade or repair hardware
  • No Server Maintenance
  • EstesGroup’s Added Epicor ERP Services:
    • Epicor ERP Task Agent Queue Monitoring
    • Epicor ERP Task Agent Errors Monitoring
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Runtime
    • Epicor ERP Response Time Reporting
    • Epicor ERP Data Folder Size Reporting
    • Epicor ERP Trends Reporting
  • Easy, secure access for Epicor ERP from anywhere you want

Want more details?

Learn about EstesCloud ERP Hosting or discuss Epicor ERP systems, we are happy to chat.

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