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Backup as a Service & Cloud Backup Solutions

Backup solutions that let you backspace your business

Data. Files. Documents. Records.

These are the foundations of your business, and they are on the move.

Backup Recovery

Digital transformation is ongoing, even when the phrase itself is waiting to come back in style. Companies everywhere continue to digitize information, sending it into the cloud, and this changes the very nature of the data. How it gets stored. How it gets modified. How it gets communicated. This is especially true when managed IT solutions are needed to support distributed workforces. Remote workers depend on data appearing in dispersed digital doorways at a pace that allows real-time interactions with clients and colleagues. Cloud backup services and other cloud-based IT solutions provide enterprise-grade data protection and delivery. These automated resources swiftly and efficiently power your business, giving you immediate and complete accessibility, control, and visibility of your data.

Where is your data once it’s online? Is your organization protected?

Backup services let you define and redefine your data. Cloud backup becomes a whole new game for businesses seeking scalability, adaptability & growth.

Principles that transform the way you do business also transform the ways you protect your business.


Monitoring, Auditing, and Reporting

Government and industry regulations? Compliance needs are met. Documentation is ready. Backups are secured against breaches, accidents, and legal issues.

Scales of Justice

Cyber Hygiene & Resiliency

Network vulnerabilities? Data is encrypted, secured, and redundant. Advanced endpoint cyber security solutions detect threats and keeps even zero-day ransomware away from your backups.

Global Accessibility

Risk Management

Business continuity? Post-disaster restoration services are part of a solid disaster recovery plan. In EstesCloud, our managed hosting platform, backups are ready for immediate restoration. Risk assessments happen as you need them, and audits reveal threats before they can penetrate your network.

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Robust Backup Strategy

Even if you have limited network connectivity, local devices are available that can be geared exclusively for backup and recovery services. Off-site backups are fully protected regardless of data origin. Backup solutions adapt to your limitations and expand your horizons.

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Consumption-Based Pricing for Scalable Backup Solutions

Data backup needs can vary by the season, or change by the minute. BaaS solutions can scale up or down instantly with EstesCloud flexible cloud hosting services.

EstesCloud Backup as a Service means that your data is in a private cloud. Or in a hybrid cloud that's something like a cloud-to-cloud data rainbow.

Multilateral Cloud Backup Services

Backup as a service protects your data, minimizes downtime, and manages your risks for you.


Automation Tools & Real-Time Analytics

You automate the processes that keep your business alive. Autosaves were once the only solution, and now automated backups in the cloud can be managed by an external IT team, using a data center that promises 100% SLA (service level agreement). Wondering if your on-premise or cloud-based servers are working for you? Your data management services will work to protect your network, your backups, user access, and more. Observe and protect your business culture with real-time data analytics.


Ransomware Protection at Every Location

Zero-day ransomware attacks hit businesses daily, and the average cost of a breach is now tipping 100K. Your valuable backups will be tested and scanned using the best cybersecurity solutions on the market. Risk management is as easy as choosing cloud backups for your business.

Data Recovery From Any Device

Cloud backup solutions allow you to interact with data anywhere in the world. If you happen to need a restore, EstesCloud syncs perfectly with your recovery point and recovery time objectives. Our IT specialists can spin up a new virtual server in minutes with our managed cloud solutions.

Backup Support for Businesses of all Sizes

Cloud backup services fit the unique needs of your business. If you’re looking for small business IT solutions, then you might benefit from Microsoft Office 365 cloud backup services. SaaS (Software as a Service) is known for instability, which is why companies of all sizes and in all industries back up SaaS data with more robust cloud-based infrastructure. At a minimum, SaaS needs a backup and disaster recovery plan. Cloud-ready ERP software needs far more than a SaaS button. Contacts. Emails. Notes. Files. Archives. Your business. Your ERP application. Protect it all in one full-service EstesCloud solution.

Backup as a Service Cloud Backup Servers

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Backup as a Service Cloud Backup Servers

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