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Meet documentation & privacy requirements.

Scales of Justice

Keep policy & data management in balance.


Implement & validate mandated cybersecurity.

Industry regulations change frequently.

EstesGroup keeps IT in line with the law.

HIPAA Compliance


Under the guidance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPPA-compliant organizations, normally in the medical field, complete a routine audit to ensure electronically stored information is being held under strict guidelines. Whether you need data masking solutions or other privacy tools, our managed IT services cover what you need to stay compliant when handling sensitive data like medical records or legal records.

PCI DSS Audit Compliance


PCI compliance relates to merchants and businesses that process credit card transactions. It ensures that companies are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

SOC 1 Compliance


Service Organization Control or SOC addresses the legislative requirements of financial advisors and accountancies. SOC 1 relates to standards for businesses that service organizations managing clients’ financial information.

SOC 2 Compliance


SOC 2 is a compliance reporting platform that specifically covers cloud computing based businesses and technology firms, including data centers, managed service providers, and software as a service (SaaS) vendors. SOC 2 is a standard that indicates an elite data center and robust IT infrastructure.

GDPR Data Privacy Regulations

GDPR Privacy Shield

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) create data privacy by protecting the entire network of people and devices from security breaches, including workers stationed in remote or virtual offices. Laws and governance originates in the European Union, and anyone interacting with the EU digitally must comply with GDPR regulations.

ITAR Regulations for Compliance


The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) pertain to technologies that enable companies that handle goods related to defense and military operations. Manufacturers, distributors, and related organizations, need to comply with strict governance that serves the purpose of protecting highly sensitive data stored locally and distributed over the internet. Data is expected to be encrypted by end-to-end solutions, tracked and monitored, documented, and tested for vulnerability. Managed ERP hosting results in full compliance with robust regulations, lowering the costs and risks associated with ITAR-sheltered technology.

FBI CJIS Law and Governance


Regulations under the umbrella of FBI Criminal Justice Information System Security Policy (CJIS) apply to organizations that require impenetrable cybersecurity solutions and encryption. Physical and digital protections must be fully managed and documented, and failures to comply result in grave consequences: fines, damage to reputation, and even imprisonment. Compliance standards set by the FBI CJIS result in the highest protections for the data privacy of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Formal security audits create detailed reports that meet documentation standards.

Rules, Regulations, and Documentation Requirements

You contend with a variety of compliance requirements as part of normal business operations. You differentiate your company by providing the right products and services at the right time, all while meeting the regulatory standards of your industry. Compliance standards lower your risks, but they can be time-consuming and expensive. If you’re running a complex ERP in a risk-adverse and highly regulated environment, you know the burden of keeping your technology in line with new rules and standards.

External Penetration Testing for Security Compliance

Penetration testing involves the coordination of structured attempts to exploit internal and external vulnerabilities, as to ensure that these vulnerabilities are removed. Most companies can’t afford to keep a penetration tester on staff. A good data management strategy involves a cybersecurity assessment that includes a pen test to fully assess security compliance.

Cisco Certified Cloud Environment – Annual Audit by Cisco 

As our platform rests on a Cisco-compliant architecture, we undergo a Cisco-directed audit, as to ensure we comply with Cisco’s standards. In conjunction with Cisco’s own audit, we undergo a third-party audit to ensure compliance. 

EstesCloud hosting is backed by a written 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Our Data Centers are the Best in the Nation

Our IT consultants keep your IT infrastructure always on, eliminating your risk of downtime. We work with you to make maintenance windows seamless for your team. We schedule routine patches and updates around your schedule. We monitor your company’s compliance guidelines continually for all areas affected by your technology. Our IT experts can provide a statement of standards for your core technology team. We can help keep you ahead of laws and regulations specific to your industry by providing training to your staff. Our promise of uptime will keep your business strong, your information moving according to data compliance, and your entire organization abiding by the laws that govern your field.

ERP Solutions Support Industry Compliance 

Regulatory requirements run deeper than mere products and services. They include the very backbone architectures that support your business. As such, the burdens of compliance weigh heavily on all facets of an organization. As an ERP consulting firm, we’ve seen ERP regulations help companies solidify everything from financial management to web application security protocols.

Outsource IT to Ensure Compliance

The internet is a place of highly regulated exchanges. As devices become more connected, especially with the increase in remote work, you might find that your IT staff can’t keep up with the laws protecting your organization from harmful data losses or security breaches. Improve IT infrastructure and supplement your internal IT department by adding EstesGroup technology specialists to your team. Talk to us to learn more about IT managed services for compliance.

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