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Managed IT Cyber Security Services & Solutions

Will you be the next cyber victim?
Cybersecurity for Small BusinessesCybersecurity for Midsize & Large Enterprises

Trusted Cyber Security Consultants & Information Security Solution Providers

EstesGroup builds enterprise-level on-premise and cloud-based Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions. As cyber crimes continue to evolve, it is important for your organization to secure your information and systems. Cyberattacks, Viruses, Malware (Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, etc.) are continual threats that can disrupt and damage your data. Our cyber security consultants test your network, applications and backups with leading threat intelligence platforms. We keep your devices and applications safe, so you can do the work you love both in and out of the office.

Our Cyber Security Monitoring provides you with 24x7x365 threat detection and prevention. Maintain compliance and stay in front of the hackers to prevent lost time and lost revenue.

On-demand Security Services

EstesGroup’s cybersecurity team can serve your immediate needs and your long-term goals. If your system suffers a breach, we’re awake at all hours taking support calls. If you need a security consultant for one project, we can provide ad hoc assessments, audits, application consulting, or crisis management. If you’re looking for complete IT department support, we offer solutions that can be customized for your specific game plan. You can even use our Virtual CIO services for leadership when your organization requires additional IT support.

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery with EstesCloud BDR
  • Identity Management and Managed Firewalls
  • Grows with your business
  • No need to upgrade or repair hardware
  • No Server Maintenance
  • Easy, secure access from anywhere you want
  • Establish and install anti-malware defenses across your organization. Test secure vectors against new cyberattack strategies.
  • Continuously monitor all systems and networks and analyze logs for unusual activity that could indicate an attack.
  • System and Network Monitoring
  • Hardware Management – Removable Media Controls
  • Limit access to removable media devices and scan all media before accessing stored data.
  • Secure Setup and Configuration
  • Apply security patches and ensure the secure configuration of all systems is maintained.
  • Comprehensive Endpoint Security – Home and Mobile Working
  • Train staff to adhere to a secure mobile working policy, protecting data both in rest and in transit.

Managed Cloud SECaaS

EstesCloud data protection can enhance your user experience with secure cloud computing infrastructure. We provide a seamless transition between onsite, remote, and traveling work. With private cloud hosting, we provide 100% virtual office solutions for businesses that demand continuous cloud sync and share. Our hybrid cloud solution empowers public and private cloud interaction.

As a security solutions company that also specializes in enterprise resource planning, we work with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to implement and secure ERP systems. Our technology consultants deploy advanced cybersecurity suites across industries, including medical, legal, nonprofit, and government organizations. We offer security for every device and for every organization, and we keep the cybercriminals out of your cloud. 

Want to prevent cybercrime from destroying your business?

Contact us today to learn about our security solutions. You can chat with us below to schedule a free demo of what your business would look like in a private cloud hosting environment. Chat with us, write to us, call us, visit us! Our cybersecurity experts are waiting to help you secure your business!