Think your Startup is too small for ERP and NetSuite?

In today’s digital world, you need to be in the cloud!

We understand, as a startup, you’re growing fast and you’re under a lot of pressure to create the returns your investors are looking for.

To make this happen, you need integrated systems that not only are capable of keeping up with how fast your company is growing, but that also enable you to connect seamlessly with your customers, partners, and suppliers. Anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

But many companies start out thinking they either can’t afford or don’t yet need fully integrated systems. So they end up implementing a hodge-podge of single purpose apps, as the need arises. You get a little growth and your sales team needs a system to manage all the leads, sales funnel and customer. Perhaps you’re doing business in multiple countries and you’re trying to figure out how to use Quickbooks to comply with international tax and reporting regulations or have to create consolidating financials, and at some point, your warehouse teams need a better inventory tracking system. Before you know it, you have a rats-nest of single-purpose applications that can’t communicate with each other and leave you incapable of creating the 360-degree view of your business, that you know you need to make the fast, data-driven decisions required to operate at the speed of business.

In today’s digital world, you need a fully integrated system capable of running every aspect of your business, capable of sharing data between business functions, and able to support any change to your business model, revenue mix, or corporate structure. It’s called Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP.

Fortunately, there are telltale signs that will let you know when you’re systems are starting to fall behind, that they’re starting to hold you back.

I’m going to share just a few of them, to get the full report, click on the button below. But, if any of these resonate with you, it’s time to do something about it.

  1. You have this growing sense that you’re not in control – you have too many manual processes, relying on spreadsheets, perhaps you’re using Quickbooks for financials, and generally managing by ‘walking around.’ None of that scales.
  2. You’re spending too much searching for data, time that you can’t really afford.
  3. You don’t have a clear direction on where or how to expand your business – meaning you don’t have the data necessary to base your decisions on.
  4. Perhaps you can’t meet customer demand – even though inventory levels may be rising.
  5. You’re office manager also manages payroll & benefits.
  6. Your IT staff is minimal, it might even be YOU…

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, we can help…

We’re a NetSuite Solution Provider.

In fact, we’ve been implementing ERP and driving business process change all the way back to 2004.

Our successful ERP implementation rate is 3X the industry average, so we know how to help you differentiate from the pack with ERP for startups.

You see it’s important to pick the right partner to work with because it can make a dramatic difference on the returns you generate for your company. Consider this, according to a 2016 Mint Jutras study, companies that were able to pull-off a  ‘world class’ job of implementing ERP saw their YoY profits soar by 19% vs. those that just did an average job that saw only a 7% profit growth in profits. The same holds true for customer retention, the ‘world class’ companies realized an 18% increase in customer retention vs. only 5 % for the average Joe. You know, that as a start-up, both of these metrics are critical Key Performance Indicators, and have a major impact on your business valuations and your prospect for future M&A activities.

So, why should you pick the EstesGroup for your ERP implementation?

It comes down to ‘People, process and technology.’

And you’ll notice that technology is last on that list, because it’s the least important of all three. Technology’s job is simply to support the people and processes that run the business. And technology changes all the time…people and process don’t. They change much more slowly. It’s your people and processes that run the business. You need a partner that seeks to understand your business first, and gets to know your people, before they start making technology recommendations.


At the EstesGroup, we want to walk your shop floor, visit your facilities and understand your processes first. We’re agnostic when it comes to technology and platform. We support all deployment scenarios, from on-premise, hosted, and cloud. For many, now is the time to move to cloud. But that’s not true for everyone. We’re going to help you choose, and implement, the platform that’s right for your company.

You see, our consultants actually come from the industry. They’re not simply ‘techies’ or ‘born in the cloud’ types. They’ve run the same systems you’re running today or are considering implementing in your business. They’ve done your job. They’re experts in business process, and only after they gain an understanding of your business will they help you bring the right technologies to support the desired future-state of your business.

So, invest an hour of your time and let’s do a digital process review and see how ready we both are to accomplish your digital transformation and move you to NetSuite Cloud ERP.

I’m Jeff Klaubert and we’d love to speak with you.

Download The NetSuite Mint Jutras Report: Think You’re Too Small for ERP? Think Again!

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