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The Estes Group Inc. (“EstesGroup”) was founded in 2004 in Estes Park, Colorado and is headquartered in beautiful Loveland, Colorado.

We help companies run better.  We are business consultants that know technology and the applications of best practices.  Our teams use our business acumen coupled with solid technology skills in two primary areas – Enterprise Resource Planning and Technology Managed Services.  EstesGroup ERP Consultant team members are spread throughout the United States and are chosen not by where they live, but the years of experience and systems knowledge they possess to best serve our clients.

For over a dozen years, EstesGroup has helped small, medium and large companies around the United States select, implement, re-implement, upgrade and train on the products we support. We also help companies with their management and technology initiatives through proper planning and execution around technology, including managing our clients’ infrastructure and systems through our Managed IT Services practice called EstesCloud and EstesCloud Hosting for our ERP Cloud Hosting solution. 

Our core values are Passion, Integrity, Respect and Accountability.  We believe in these as a guiding force for our hiring, our management decisions, and how we treat our clients as well as one another.