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Epicor ERP Software Deployment Services

ERP Deployment

ERP software has long been a key component in the making of successful businesses, but choosing the system is only half of the battle. We understand the need for a customized ERP solution and the impact that the correct deployment model can have on an organization. As ERP software continues to evolve, so do the deployment options and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution anymore. Our team at EstesGroup is here to help by providing a seamless integration of your chosen ERP solution into your organization.

EstesGroup provides the following ERP deployment services:

Hosted ERP (Private Cloud)

Having a hosted ERP structure offers a mid-range cost that is paid annually. In this delivery method, vendors or third-parties allow you the ability to use their servers that are located in secure data centers to run your enterprise software deployment. Your organization owns the specific software, but you pay the third-party a fee to rent their hardware and infrastructure and seamlessly run it for you. This includes server maintenance, security and backups. Your organization is responsible for software upgrades that you must coordinate with the hosting facility.

Cloud ERP

A cloud-based ERP system has low upfront costs. The software is owned by an individual vendor and is hosted on their servers. Instead of licensing the software, you pay a yearly subscription for the enterprise software deployment service. For this ERP deployment model, you don’t own the software – you simply subscribe to it. Your organization utilizes a web browser to access the software. Software upgrades are normally included in your subscription. The cloud-based method is an easy deployment option, as it removes the need to have locally hosted servers and reduces the amount of IT support needed.

On-Premise ERP

On-premise deployment is the traditional ERP model that customers use. This method has high initial costs. Your organization is responsible for purchasing the software that you then install on your server and hard drive on computers and laptops. As such, you fully own and manage both the software and hardware. This provides the ability for full customization of the software and additional integrations to other software. Keeping data on-site requires that you have your own internal IT team or external IT support team. This provides instant responsiveness to issues but also puts the data security into the hands of the organization.

Contact EstesGroup today so that we may discuss which ERP deployment service makes the most sense for your business!