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ETO ERP Software

Engineer to Order ERP Software

In Engineer-To-Order manufacturing, you’re always fighting the against clock. For this reason, the correct Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps provide the insight engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers need to streamline quote-to-invoice processes, improve operational planning, and take the complexity out of financial management. At EstesGroup, we have the proper Engineer to Order ERP software to help your reduce job costs and improve profitability.

ETO ERP Manufacturing Challenges

Unlike other markets within the manufacturing industry, ETO manufacturers have customers that are highly involved throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Due to this interactivity, considerations, plans, and orders can change quickly. Furthermore, ETO manufacturers have historically longer lead times compared to other manufacturers – meaning that raw materials often need to be purchased directly for a specific phase of the job. As such, all costs and materials are reported as a revision to the original estimate. Finally, oftentimes requirements for jobs vary greatly between jobs:

  • This positions ETO manufacturers very uniquely compared to discrete manufacturers.
  • This is why having an engineer-to-order ERP software that fits the ever-changing job needs of your industry is critical.

ETO Software for The Modern World

Regular ERP software just doesn’t work for ETO Manufacturers. ETO manufacturers have the unique challenge of building complex custom products based on constantly changing customer requirements, and engineering revisions – in turn, there are some considerations one must have when looking into Engineer to Order ERP Software for your company. An ETO Software must have some basic capabilities including (but not limited to):

  • Access to current information related to all financial and technical data of a job
  • Job and project scheduling capabilities at both shop-floor and management levels
  • Task planning, tracking, and costing for all steps included in engineering and installation
  • Potential warning and alert systems for each project component
  • Enhanced inventory control, and the ability to order directly to job
  • Capacity planning for improved on-time delivery
  • Vendor management

Knowing that production information and specifications for ETO manufacturers can be changed on the fly, you need an ETO ERP Software that is designed to face these challenges.

Implementing Manufacturing Software

Our implementation team works closely with you to provide a seamless transition and integration of the ETO ERP software, ultimately ensuring a smooth adoption into your business model. Furthermore, manufacturing is complex, and we bring you 17 years of ERP implementation experience. At the end of the day, you’ll have insight into your software that stems from hundreds of thousands of Epicor consulting hours and beyond. Of course, our ERP expertise in Epicor software is intensive, but our offering extend into many other enterprise resource planning software. Accordingly, we offer private cloud hosting for all ERP platforms.


Your vision will benefit from our ERP experience in Syspro, Sage, QuickBooks, Epicor E10 and Prophet 21, and beyond. Whether you need a few hours of Epicor consulting help or years of partnership, our IT and ERP consultants will be there. This means you can focus on the work you love, while we focus on supporting your goals for the future.


Contact EstesGroup today to talk about your company’s transition to engineer-to-order ERP software.