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EstesGroup: Our Mission & Differentiators

Lighting up your business with ERP, IT & Cloud services
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The EstesGroup Mission: 20 Years Strong in 2024

Founded in 2004 | Serving You for Many Years to Come

EstesGroup was founded in 2004 with the dream of uniting business system consulting with the transformational capabilities of its foundational technologies. Now, 20 years later, we offer the best private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure available to businesses today and the most trusted enterprise resource planning team in America. EstesGroup has become a family of the best technology and ERP talent available to help boost your team’s performance. We offer a fusion of business and technology services, and our unique suite fully leverages cutting-edge solutions in both the enterprise resource planning realm and the IT space. With industry-leading functional consultants working beside the top talent of both managed IT services and ERP cloud solutions, EstesGroup offers a complete suite of enterprise services and solutions with the mission to fully support the businesses that make America strong. 

The Most Helpful Consultants on the Planet

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Connectivity, security, compliance, upgrades, and more can be fully managed by the EstesGroup team. EstesCloud IT and cloud services include 47-minute migrations, support as fast as you can open a chat window, low national latency, a written 100% SLA, and the top talent in the industry to help you avoid IT nightmares and ERP disasters. We bring you the most talented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting staff and IT support crew available to all businesses of all sizes in all industries. Our clients include the most successful manufacturers and distributors in today’s competitive market. Why partner with us? The EstesGroup team lights up your business at every point, giving you what you need to meet your goals and even discover unexpected success stories along the way!

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100% Senior-Level Staff

You come seeking industry experience, knowledge and leadership. To address those needs, we staff our team with highly skilled, highly certified IT and ERP consultants. EstesGroup offers continuous education to employees, and we bring the best and most current knowledge to your company. Our staff is diverse, and our geographies circle out from our Loveland headquarters, offering you coast-to-coast support from our national team. EstesGroup’s ERP implementation consultants and IT specialists are chosen for intelligence, experience, passion, commitment and integrity. We seek to use our resources to strengthen your own team, and this begins with our strong commitment to the educational and personal growth of our staff.

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Project Transparency

EstesGroup’s enterprise resource planning, cloud services, and IT consultants use online tools, including the latest in AI, to create by-the-minute reports so you can see in real time the immediate results of your project and your partnership with EstesGroup. You see the complete story of your project as it’s written by your team in partnership with ours. The value of this is immeasurable: full vision will lower your risks and your costs at every step. You’ll see changes as they happen. You’ll see milestones, timelines, budgets, and risks. With our application and ERP consulting services, which include comprehensive technology support, you get a new vision of full vision. Your project is lit on the path of success.

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Our ERP and IT consultants treat our clients as partners in business. We want to be there to make your business run better now and in the future, and to do that, we get to know you, your business and your goals. From that partnership, we can help you move forward. Our history has been written by the trusting relationships we’ve built throughout our customer and partner networks. No project is too big or too small. We partner with small businesses for IT solutions, manufacturers for ERP software and hosting services, distributors for on-premise and cloud-based deployment, and for application and technology support across all industries and organizations.

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Process-Driven IT & ERP Consulting Methodology

Our IT & ERP consulting services aim to focus on your business processes and what makes your core competencies unique to your organization. From there, we fit the solutions to what your business requirements are. We employ our methodology to make sure that any changes are tested so that they don’t inadvertently create a negative impact on something on the front or back end. Our ERP implementation consultants and IT experts build on a foundational understanding of your business processes. We employ business process reviews at the onset of a project to ensure that every decision made and every technology leveraged are in support of your business needs.

Give us an hour of your time, and we will make a difference in your business.