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Epicor Kinetic ERP Pricing

Enterprise Resource Planning By the Numbers

Epicor ERP Pricing

One of the first and most commonly asked questions by businesses wishing to deploy a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is, “How much will it cost?” While this certainly is a valid question, the pricing of your Epicor ERP solution is determined based on a number of pieces of information, including:

Epicor Cloud Pricing

  • Number of Users – The cost of an ERP system is often based on how many users there are, how many users will be using the system, and what their level of access is.
  • Third-Party Applications – When considering the cost of your ERP system, you may require additional third-party integrations (like Parttrap and Salesforce) to cover all of the needs of your business.
  • Type of Deployment – There are multiple ERP deployment solutions including private cloud, cloud, and on-premise. On-premise has high initial costs with all of the hardware and maintenance requirements, while private cloud has mid-range upfront costs and cloud has low upfront costs.
  • Consulting Fees – Businesses that deploy ERP systems heavily rely on ERP implementation consultants (like EstesGroup) to make sure the rollout is done in a strategic manner. This means that rollouts happen on-time, within budget, and that it contains every feature that your company requires (training, proper user permissions, module & dashboard configuration, etc.).


Finding the right fit for your company is our first priority. This process starts with a business process review to not only compare different systems, but to help you understand, pricing, and the true scope of work necessary to smoothly transition your company into the Epicor ERP system. Your EstesGroup consultant will partner with your steering committee to both address and develop an internal project management system to ensure success. They will guide you every step of the way so that you’re able to gain total control over detail of your ERP system. The bottom line is that most EstesGroup clients will see cost savings within one year of the ERP implementation. Thus providing your company with a significant ROI, improved efficiency, better reporting of real-time data, and much more.



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