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EstesGroup Managed IT Options

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Managed IT Options, So You Can Focus on Your Business

Technology is built to serve your business or organization. Your hardware and software work together to support the unique needs of your company, your employees and your customers. What IT services can bring you the short-term and long-term benefits of cost reduction and risk mitigation? As cloud computing becomes a necessary integration, what managed IT options will support your specific business model? In today’s digital culture, everyone benefits from a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Cybersecurity is essential. But what other options should you choose as you build the technological infrastructure that will enable the future of your business?

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Cloud-Based IT Options

Managed IT

  • Make sure your Windows Servers (Physical or Virtual, Cloud or On-Premise) are running securely and 24/7 with ServerCare.
    • Resource Utilization and Availability
    • Windows and 3rd party patch management
    • Malware protection
    • Security Monitoring
    • Business Continuity Planning with Server Backups / Disaster Recovery
    • Many systems rely on Microsoft SQL Server, make sure it’s running it’s best with ServerCare for ERP
  • ClientCare PC Management takes care of your critical PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.
    • Classic Malware protection
    • Web filtering on the endpoint, keeping devices safe outside the corporate network
    • Windows and 3rd party patch management
  • Managed Firewalls ensure that your corporate networks are protected with the latest next-generation Firewall, powered by Untangle.
    • Network Firewall reviews (ingress and egress filtering)
    • Network Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Consulting available to make sure you have the expertise needed to keep things running optimally.
    • Help Desk for your staff
    • Windows Server Consulting
    • Enterprise Architect Consulting to design complex business-class solutions around Office 365,  security, firewalls, and systems that touch the entire enterprise.
    • Available On-Demand
    • Block hours for priority support with rollover

Managed Hosting

Cloud is here to stay, and our VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) capable hosting platform ensures that your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other critical data stays secure, compliant, and backed up in our private cloud environment.  Learn more about our ERP Cloud Hosting.

Managed Security

You might have heard that there’s a new game in town, and it’s not fun to play. In fact, it’s pay to play. Ransomware 2.0


It goes by several names – Paydalmer, SimSim, <insert fun new name here>. Whatever the name, this new threat requires us to change the way we work. No longer is a little bit of antimalware, some patches, and a partial firewall sufficient, companies need to completely rethink their security strategy. The next generation of hackers are already here, and you need to be ready with next-gen defenses.


While we all want a point-and-click solution, an effective defense requires rethinking how users access their systems, where they are, and how to best defend them is all part of the equation. User training and policies also come into play – something many small businesses fall short on.

Remote Worker Support

In the age of remote workers, ‘work-from-home’ environments, and travel-based worker mobility, your IT systems need to be ready to have your staff working remotely at a moment’s notice.


Let us help you plan for this with:

  • “Remote Worker” and “Acceptable Use” Policy templates
  • Remote Workstation protection
    • Next Generation Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Full disk encryption
    • Windows and 3rd party patch management
  • Secure access to your corporate data
    • VPN
    • Remote Desktop Gateways
    • Outlook Web Access
  • Office 365 planning and design
    • Data anywhere with SharePoint and OneDrive
    • Collaboration with Teams and SharePoint
  • Application/Internet Productivity Monitoring
    • Ensure your staff is showing up to work virtually
    • Maintaining the same standard of excellence – even when they’re home.

Nationwide, Comprehensive Technology Services

  • Cyber security services
  • Cloud services for business applications
  • Day-to-day services for operating systems
  • Support services and business-specific service options
  • ERP cloud hosting services
  • Managed service provider (MSP) solutions with instantaneous response time



Our operations center is located in Loveland, Colorado

Our data centers are located in Michigan

Uniting Application Expertise With Managed IT & Hosting Services

At EstesGroup, we offer everything from ERP selection services to managed application hosting. When it comes to managed IT, we offer solutions that adapt to your unique business technology requirements. Our IT specialists are supported by industry-leading consultants. This means that you’ll get matched with the exact hardware and software you need to save money and time while increasing your security and thereby lowering your risks. If you’re on E10 software, you’ll get matched with an Epicor consulting team that knows your software, knows your technology needs, and knows your business. Is SaaS not an option? Consider a cloud that supports highly regulated on-premise operations like ERP hosting for aerospace and defense. Or do you need small business IT services? Our clients’ needs range from mobile and desktop support to cloud-based enablement, so we offer a full spectrum of technology solutions to support your business.

You’ll find great value in the EstesWay: EstesGroup seamlessly unites business knowledge with functional consulting, managed IT options and cloud-based technology solutions.

“Today, more than ever, the consumer needs assurance when it comes to matters of cyber security and IT risk. We are honored to award EstesGroup with the “A” Cyber Verify seal and congratulate them on their exemplary display of dedication towards providing one of the highest levels of assurance possible to the consumer. Today, very few companies in the global MSP community have achieved an “A” Cyber Verify rating, placing EstesGroup in an elite group of managed service and cloud providers world-wide.” 

Celia Weaver

President, MSPAlliance

“9 out of 10 computer networks have potentially serious IT problems sitting undetected, and the average malware lies undetected for 798 days.”

IT Security Engineer

EstesCloud, EstesGroup

MSPAlliance Cyber Verify A Rating Badge Awarded to EstesGroup
ITAR Compliance
Data Privacy Week Champion

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