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Our Hosting SLA

A Service Level Agreement That Makes Risk Management Easy
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Our EstesCloud Hosting SLA Statistics: 

ECHO Hosting SLA =  99.7%,

ECHO measured Hosting SLA as of August 2019:  99.86%

This Means Business Continuity.

Our systems have a very high uptime which means your data is not only secure but also there when you need access to it. So relax, we’ve got IT covered.


What is an SLA?

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement, essentially the amount of “uptime” that you expect from a given service provider. While we’d all like systems to be 100% up all day, all the time, that’s not always realistic. Today’s environments are incredibly complex, and since we allow you to have ‘admin’ access to your servers, you can even affect your own SLA!


There are two main reasons systems become unavailable.

1. Maintenance on the systems. Microsoft patches, for example, often require a reboot to complete installation. Upgrades and patches will stop services during the upgrade.

2. Unexpected hiccups in the services that cause an outage.


We can prevent outages by making systems redundant, where two or more systems operate together to cover the other in case of an event. Many ECHO systems are redundant, and ALL of the hardware and network access at our data centers is redundant with a 100% SLA. Our hosting solutions can be fully managed by EstesCloud IT specialists, too, which means you can focus on your business, not on the technology that sustains it.


Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows are predefined times that we are allowed to work on your servers without impacting the SLA. Anytime that your business isn’t running is an opportunity for us to do maintenance.


Downtime / Unexpected Hiccups

Please note that if you can access ECHO at all, and it’s just a screen, report or other aspect of the system that’s not performing well or providing the expected results, is NOT considered unavailable. With today complex software, often isolated components of the application are unavailable or not working as expected and this should be expected. Only if the entire solution is unavailable, and it’s not YOUR network access at fault, do we consider it “down”.


So What is EstesGroup’s SLA Guarantee?

If your ECHO solution is completely unavailable for more than 2 hours and 11 minutes in a given month, outside the defined maintenance window, and can be verified by our network control center (NOC), we’ll credit you for one week’s hosting fees.


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