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Prophet 21® Consulting

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Prophet 21® ERP Consulting

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Protect IT & ERP & eliminate downtime

Get IT experts as your foundation

Lower costs, risks & stress

What is Prophet 21®?

P21® is a wholesale distribution software that helps companies improve efficiency across the supply chain while improving overall business process and customer service. Epicor® software solutions provide extensive capabilities to meet your business needs, and distribution industries benefit from the productivity gained through consulting services. P21® is a great solution for distribution companies looking to streamline and expand their organizations.

Prophet 21® Consulting? Why?

ERP solutions are not cheap, so it is important that the system pays for itself. This more often comes from the gains that P21® generates across the business, rather than simple cost efficiencies. Another key element of an ERP investment is the ability to support the needs of the business moving forward. Consultants help customers implement ERP in order to scale up the business, support additional locations, and enable customer interactions that would be impossible on legacy systems.

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