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ERP solutions and implementation are rarely one-size-fits-all situations. Companies work in varied industries and possess unique competencies that differentiate their respective value propositions from their competitors.  When these business-specific peculiarities come into contact with a packaged application, discrepancies can surface between the capabilities of the application and the needs of the business that require custom ERP development.

Much like a suit needs tailoring before it becomes a comfortable fit, an ERP application often requires small tweaks to the fringes of the fabric to better allow it to move with the business putting it on.  At the Estes Group, we work with customers to understand how to best utilize the core application and identify where the application needs tailoring to better fit the requirements of the business before we begin our custom ERP development.

Meet Our Team

Brad Feakes

Brad has been with the Estes Group for more than three years, and directs their solutions group for custom ERP development. Brad came to the Estes Group from a large multi-company Epicor customer, who made extensive use of Epicor’s customization capabilities.  In his time as an Epicor customer, Brad worked as a business analyst, and a programmer, and was also responsible for orchestrating the interactions between functional, technical and deployment resources.  Since joining the Estes Group, Brad’s technical efforts have been focused primarily on Product Configurator, Embedded Customization, BPMs, BAQs and Dashboards.  Brad has been working in Epicor since version 803, and is well-versed both in Progress 4GL and the .net platform.  His expertise includes business analysis, project management and the orchestration and administration of software development lifecycles within the context of ERP implementations.

Marianne Gizzi

Marianne has been with the Estes Group since 2010. Before working for the Estes Group, she worked as an application developer at Epicor. One of Marianne’s specialties is Epicor’s Service Connect toolkit, assisting with the installation, design, development and deployment of Service Connect Workflows. Marianne also has extensive experience in both the Crystal Reports and the SSRS reporting toolsets, using over 18 years of experience and analytical thinking to produce intricate reports, and to convert reports from Crystal to SSRS. Versed in both the Progress 4GL and C# programming languages, Marianne produces BPMs on both the Epicor 905 and 10 platforms. Marianne’s extensive knowledge of the Epicor database, as well as her SQL background allows her to work to quickly and efficiently develop custom BAQs and Dashboards, and to assist in the conversion of data, using DMT and Service Connect. Marianne has also worked extensively in Epicor’s Embedded Customization platform, assisting customers in implementing custom form and logic changes, streamlining daily business processes. Marianne is also the Estes Group’s resident expert on security, helping customers with the determination of user access and the setup of user security and SOX Compliancy reporting.

Joe Trent

Joe has been with the Estes Group for nearly two years. Joe came to the Estes Group from the Epicor user community, where he was the IT Manager for an Epicor customer. While a customer, Joe’s responsibilities included ERP solutions, implementation and user training, and employment of the “tools” associated with the trade—BAQs, Dashboards, SRSS Reports, Embedded Customizations, and extensive use of Epicor’s Product Configurator. Since coming to the Estes Group, Joe has continued his use of Epicor’s Product Configurator, helping customers automate processes, allowing users to produce complex Quotes, Orders, and Jobs, through a combination of custom user interfaces, user-defined methods, and method rules. Through his custom BPM and Embedded Customization solutions, Joe has made strong use of the C# programming language. Joe has also made extensive use of Epicor’s Data Management Tool (DMT), assisting customers with complex data conversion activities, and with various post-cutover data cleanup efforts. Joe’s efforts with Epicor’s reporting toolsets like BAQs, Dashboards, and SSRS Reports also allow him to help customers make use of the large data sets they generate in their business processes.

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