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Cloud Consulting Services & Solutions

There's a cloud for everyone, but with so many options, how will you know if Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud (or some other cloud-based strategy) is right for your business?
Cloud Based Network

Cloud Strategy

The future state of your cloud depends upon your specific applications and integrations. We work with you to surface your needs based on company size, industry, and compliance requirements. A business process review can help you device your infrastructure strategy.

Cloud Services Laptop

Cloud Deployment

How you choose to deploy your application will determine how your business runs after your software installation or upgrade. On-premise technology can be combined with private cloud solutions to build a hybrid system that meets your exact needs.

Cloud Security

Cloud Administration

Cloudy admin can burden your business with unnecessary costs and complications. Chart your cloud administration future with our experts who will advise you based on years of experience managing both on-premise and cloud-based enterprise application migrations and deployments.

Cloud Technology Folder

Cloud Management

Management of the cloud becomes both a tactical and a strategic activity, as the administration of your current state pairs with your future goals. Estes offers a fully managed platform with a complete suite of managed technology services, so that you can couple your cloud with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IT expertise.

Data-driven decisions. Tactical and strategic cloud consulting services.

World-Class Cloud Consulting for Enterprise-Class Applications

For years, the cloud has been a promise: a promise for a better, safer, more efficient way of doing business. But the actual means through which this promise would come to fruition have been hard to define. Cloud adoption means different things to different people, and sorting out just how cloud computing can help your business can be challenging. Cloud computing provides an endless sky of IT options, kept in focus by your data center. 

EstesGroup partners with our customers not only to provide the solutions necessary to achieve your cloud strategy, but we also offer the tools and the resources to help you manage your cloud. Digital transformation is a moving target, and the strategies and technologies used right now may no longer be applicable in the future. The ever-evolving cybercrime landscape keeps increasing risk, and the right cloud infrastructure protects your sensitive data efficiently.

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