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EstesGroup's Third Party Application Partners

Making the Most of Your ERP System

EstesGroup Partners with the Best Third Party Applications to Make Your Business Run Better.

Whether you run Epicor ERP, Prophet 21 ERP, or another ERP application; these companies will greatly improve targeted areas of your business. EstesGroup is well versed in these applications and how best it will benefit your company. Not all companies have added complexities that require more than what comes with Epicor ERP or Prophet 21 ERP; but for those who need added functionality, this is a great place to start.

Learn more about any of these third party applications as well as others, by Contacting Us today!

Analogyx BI: Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Epicor ERP

Analogyx BI is the simplest, quickest and most efficient way to enable analytics and view near Realtime visibility from Shop floor to top floor of your business. Analogyx BI offers Data Integration & Data Analytics platform powered by AI-ML that empowers the entire organization to make data-driven decisions.

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SourceDay: Automate Your Direct Spend

SourceDay is the leading purchase order management application provider for manufacturing companies. Clients use SourceDay to effectively manage their supply chain purchasing and maximize revenue while reducing cost and risk. SourceDay is easy to adopt and clients quickly realize significant savings.

Read more about how SourceDay will make the most of your ERP and Supply Chain…

Parttrap: Worldclass PIM eCommerce and CMS

Parttrap ONE is a comprehensive electronic commerce solution that seamlessly integrates into Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 ERP. It enables companies to offer their customers a simple and convenient web-based buying and browsing functionality. It also offers an online tool for their salespeople and partners to update and transact. Parttrap ONE supports multiple companies, languages, and currencies in one single website. The administration tools augment the master data management capabilities in Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 ERP with configuration options for product search tree, product details, images, campaigns, users, and more. Parttrap ONE helps streamline, optimize and maximize your businesses potential by providing new sales channels and reducing operational costs.

Read more about how Parttrap will make the most of your ERP and your customer’s buying experience…

Avalara: Manage tax compliance the right way.

Avalara AvaTax, Returns, and CertCapture will streamline your tax compliance requirements. Avalara maximizes productivity and ensures the correct tax rates are applied for all products and services. Accurate tax compliance reduces business costs and the risk
of penalties. Tax reporting processes are made easy and the tax return calculation is simplified, saving time for company accountants. 

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