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Managed IT Services For Your Medical Practice And HIPAA Compliance

With the advent of electronic record keeping and technology came the need to make your medical practice more efficient by digitalizing medical records.

Now, with Cloud server technology, we are able to store your patients’ vital medical information on servers that can be accessed from anywhere.

The push forward has also created incredible issues in data security and with HIPAA regulations concerning the privacy of your patients.

You may currently have an in house IT provider, but that person must not only be technically proficient in server monitoring, backup and security, but also keep up with HIPAA and HITECH regulatory compliance.

Our Solution both reduces costs, makes your medical professionals more efficient, and ensures you are compliant.


Here's How We Do HIPAA Compliance

EstesCloud ComplianceCare For The Health Of Your IT Enterprise

EstesCloud ComplianceCare medical practice management service is a partnership with you, EstesGroup and the Compliance Group, designed to help make your Medical business run better.

Let’s talk about the comprehensive Medical Managed HIPAA compliance services we provide for your medical enterprise.

Here are just a few of the tools and services we provide:

HIPAA Compliance

  • EstesGroup will work with you through a series of interactive meetings to ensure you know exactly where your medical practice stands and how we can bring you up to compliance.
  • EstesGroup will let you know where your medical practice is at risk and where it falls short.
  • We will also help train your people to ensure everyone is on the same page and your HIPAA compliance standards are maintained by everyone in your medical practice.

The Security Your Medical Practice Needs

Our top of class industry standard solutions keep the bad guys at bay while keeping your medical practice running smoothly.

Technology specialists at your fingertips

  • We are available at your service to keep your medical practice running smoothly.
  • Our responses to your questions and issues are quick and on point.
  • We deliver reports you can read and understand.

Are You At Risk?

Fill out our form and we will start a HIPAA and network assessment.

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