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Epicor Part Setup & Manufacturing Best Practices

Configure to Succeed

Epicor ERP Part Setup & Manufacturing Best Practices White Paper

This guide can help you define a key component of your system setup. A “Part” is a building block in your ERP system. The setup of the Part Master greatly influences your configuration activities, leading you to a successful ERP implementation. Read our white paper to review our recommendations and best practices for manufacturing environments. This document walks you through everything from basic definition to detailed notes on the process of turning your default Epicor ERP Part Setup behaviors into configurations of the system specifically driving your business environment toward success. Topics covered include:


What is a “Part” in Epicor?

Three types of parts (Purchased, Manufactured and Sales Kit) are defined and discussed. Your company makes, buys and sells “Parts,” and these physical items are your system’s foundation.


How do you configure Parts for your specific company?

Businesses can flip many switches and turn many dials when configuring Epicor ERP Part Setup. By leveraging the nuances of the myriad of settings available within the application, enterprise resource planning teams can optimize every interaction within the system. Because of the incredible potential of these configurations, a unique approach to the intricacies can bring your company the full capabilities of this software as its customized for your specific needs.


Epicor Part Setup and Manufacturing Best Practices

Scalability & Culture Stemming From Your System Configuration


One of our customers told us that they were on a journey from operating as a big-little company to growing into a little-big company. Their system configuration needed to reflect the best practices that would allow them to grow and scale while leveraging their ERP application to its greatest potential. As we looked deeper into their system, we discovered that their Part Setup was significantly affecting their business culture. Is it possible that something as banal as Master File Setup can have ripple effects to the cultural makeup of your business? We believe it can. The setup of the Part Master File can significantly effect the visibility, availability and accountability of supply and demand for people working in the front office and on the shop floor. Suboptimal configuration of the Part Master can lead to problems. This white paper shows you the mechanics of the setup of the Part Master File to achieve your goals in three main areas:

  • Visibility of supply and demand

  • Availability of on-hand vs. incoming and outgoing inventory

  • Accountability of the successful generation and execution of supply


Download our white paper to learn just how essential a “Part” is within Epicor ERP.

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