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Reviews For EstesGroup From The Businesses We Helped Run Better.

Great support! They have a wonderful team. EstesGroup was the missing link for us after 10 plus years of Epicor. They are hosting our server and providing consulting for our full use of the system. Thanks EstesGroup!

Bryan Provo

President, Alliance Machine, Inc

Soooo happy with EstesGroup. I've had a few technical issues over the past few months and the support I've received has been nothing but perfect! Response time has ranged from soon to immediate, which is often critical in any business. The tech support staff I've worked with have all been terrific - knowledgeable, professional, and actually fun to work. One of your techs found and restored three of my "lost" Quickbooks company and backup client files that even Intuit couldn't find. This saved me not only time but a critical client relationship. First class service... I recommend your company whenever I can.

Gina Woodman

Owner, Gina Woodman Bookkeeping

The EstesGroup provided all of the necessary and contiguous consulting resources that we needed, including technical training and support along with custom development of the ServiceConnect feed of BOM data. The EstesGroup also provided manufacturing production consulting, financial consulting, warehousing and inventory consulting, business transformation guidance. We relied on The EstesGroup for Project Management throughout, including task / timeline definition, activity reporting, status update, and project management that was critical to reaching the project finish line. The EstesGroup personnel were an integral part of our ERP transformation team. Achieving our goal of leveraging the power of Epicor 10 ERP was in large part the result of our joint, collaborative team efforts.

Eric Stratton

Director of Engineering, Rapat, Corporation

The EstesGroup consultants who worked on our implementation were all very knowledgeable about Epicor and knew where to find answers to problems we faced. They kept us on task and we would not have gone live on time without their help. We highly recommend EstesGroup to any company that will be implementing the Epicor ERP system. The Estes consultants provided the tools required to assist us with the lack of internal resources and the cultural changes resulting from a new ERP system. They become an extension of our project team such that it felt like they had a vested interest in the success of the implementation. EstesGroup completed this effort in 2014 but remains the resource of choice for this client to the present day. Contact us for a confidential introduction to our client and reference if needed.


Classified, DOD Electronics

Overall, the Epicor 9 ERP transformed their business. Revenues increased by 50% over the next two years with no increase in headcount, partially due to the reshuffling of duties with increased efficiencies. Operational costs per piece dropped significantly and payback for this project occurred in under two years. Clearly the ERP system was not the entire reason for this growth and improvement, but it was a solid contributing factor. EstesGroup completed this effort in 2010 but remains the “go to” partner and resource for this client to this day. Contact us for a confidential introduction to our client and reference if needed.

US DOD Electronics Technology Manufacturing

Classified, Classified

Our company kicked off a tightly-scheduled Epicor ERP 10 implementation in 2014, with a target “go-live” date of January, 2015. As the IT manager at our manufacturing company I set about to learn everything I could, and found the drinking straw akin to a firehose. We needed lots of help. Although we contracted with Epicor to run the implementation, we needed spot help on a number of occasions. The folks with EstesGroup were quick to jump in with timely, expert assistance. Gregg helped us out of jam early on, giving us some basic understanding of manufacturing methods setup, and then again later providing key insights on some issues we’d been banging our heads on. When we wrestled with Alternate Methods and the Product Configurator, Brad was there to give us guidance where it just wasn’t going to work the way we wanted it—so we could regroup and try another tack. Jennifer chipped in that time I couldn’t fix a job that went haywire. Carlos saved me a bunch of manual reading by showing me with a database customization. EstesGroup has helped us with timely, accurate advice and consulting. They have saved us time and grief, and guided us over several humps during the turbulent period of implementation and early go-live. My experience is that this company has assembled a knowledgeable group of professionals, eager to help. I’ll be calling on them in the future.

IT Manager, Bigham Ag Equipment

I am extremely pleased with the Epicor consulting services provided by Estes Group. Their expertise in Epicor in the areas of manufacturing, financial, and technical was invaluable to our team and helped us achieve our goal of going live in 7 months from start to finish.  Nancy and her entire team have been excellent to work with. I would highly recommend Estes Group to any company needing assistance with Epicor consulting.

Carla Wing

VP of Operations, American Flexible Products, Inc.

I was very Impressed with Gregg's knowledge and instruction skills; and exceptionally satisfied with the training he provided and the manner in which he conducted the training. He is the best trainer we have had the pleasure of having on-site since we began the process of upgrading to Epicor 9.05 (Of which we have already been live on since June 2nd, 2014). He was very thorough, and conducted himself in a very friendly and professional manner. All of our users who attended the training sessions were impressed with Gregg and enjoyed the training he provided.

Timothy Dudek

System Project Manager, Dudek & Bock Spring Manufacturing Company

Estes Group provides the strategic expertise and consulting services necessary to tackle a variety of complex categories.  In the recent past I have enlisted Estes for Epicor upgrades, project management, equipment purchasing and IT staffing.  Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets.  They are pleasant to work with and customize their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer.  I will continue my relationship with Estes and would recommend their services to all.

Ann-Marie Laird

CFO, Walton Enterprises, LTD

In upgrading Epicor 9 to ERP10, Forum needed help with customizations, extracts, business processes, and user training.  We had tried a different company but they simply were not producing and before long we were in a bind.  Then we contacted Jennifer Mesiano at The Estes Group.  She jumped right in, analyzed the requirements, assigned the right Estes resources for each requirement, and really turned around our stalled upgrade project. The Estes Group did a phenomenal job!   Any time we hit a roadblock, Jennifer realigned resources, lit fires, and did whatever was needed to make certain that we were successful.  And one simple thing you just don't get very often; Great Communication!  Jennifer and her team provided timely updates, and responded promptly to emails and phone calls.  We were never left to wonder about status.  The Estes Group is a truly excellent Business Partner!

Tina Brady


I need to give a lot of big "Thank-You's" to you, Marianne, Cathy and Chad.  I think everything went pretty smoothly and am very pleased with the project overall.  All were very professional and highly skilled. The work was done exactly as described. Marianne was on-site for one week and accomplished a lot of work and training, and I am very appreciative of her dedication to this engagement.

Tom Krough

I appreciate the Estes Team's willingness to share information right from the start. They engaged early so our project could get off to the right start. Throughout the process they continued providing guidance and identifying potential problems that we as a business needed to resolve. They were responsive, flexible, and I really enjoyed my project manager!”

Kathleen Boarder

Controller, EDSCO

We highly recommend the Estes Group to any company that will be implementing the Epicor ERP system. The Estes consultants are very knowledgeable and provide the tools required to assist their clients with the lack of internal resources and the cultural changes resulting from a new ERP system. They become an extension of your project team such that it feels like they have a vested interest in the success of the implementation.

Jeff Cohen


Brad was a Senior Consultant from EstesGroup on a large ERP project for which I was Program Manager. Brad had the responsibility for four complex Product Configurators. This Project put up a number of roadblocks before Brad – roadblocks over which he had no control. Brad was solid, professional and solution-oriented and he worked through and around these road block as they came up. People liked working with Brad with his calm, pleasant, patient manner. It speaks to Brad’s high intelligence and skills and knowledge as a Developer, that he could simultaneously juggle four Configurators at the same time and produce high quality work without missing a beat. Something I would rarely say, but say here: If I were in an IT hiring mode and Brad was available, I would hire him in a heartbeat for my employer. You have my admiration and respect, Brad. Perlick is lucky you are developing their Configurators. Thank you for making my job so much easier!

Noël M Craven

IT Management Consultant, Core Comm