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Business Process Management Consulting Services

Get in the flow with a BPR (Business Process Review) that keeps you in the know

Consulting is at the heart of what EstesGroup does. Whether we are helping your enterprise implement an ERP, providing you with managed IT services, or deploying your ERP, we always approach our business dealings with the intent of helping you and your company understand what the best possible solution would be for your enterprise, regardless of whether or not we are the ones who provide that solution for you. Our clientele often praise us for our high-level of transparency and eagerness to coach your team throughout the business process review so that you have all the information and are aware of everything that could positively or negatively impact your business.

What is a Business Process Review?

A Business Process Review (BPR) is a multi-day, on-site review of a business that lays out how a company works and what can be improved in the short-term as well as the long-term. A business process review will provide vital insights into the day-to-day operations, management techniques, and current IT systems in-place so that the ERP system can be rolled out in a way that complements these areas of your business.


At EstesGroup, we always begin our ERP implementation services with a business process review to ensure that your ERP platform competently provides you with a fully integrated solution that covers all of your operational needs and removes anything that is unnecessary. Our business process implementation and consulting services ensure that we capture the key performance indicators and all metrics that are important to your organization.


At its core, an ERP is intended to provide your team with more control of your day-to-day processes, and the business process review stage is vital to ensuring the ERP fulfills that role.

Why You Should Hire a Business Process Consultant

To conduct a business process review the right way, it requires years of experience exploring enterprise methodologies to identify what provides value, what restrains businesses, and how to develop a strategy to improve processes for maximum efficiency moving forward. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the ERP system that will be implemented so that your ERP is optimized for the internal workings of your company. As a side note from our consulting experiences, it also tends to be very beneficial for a business to receive a fresh perspective so that every detail is scrutinized and not treated as a given.

EstesGroup’s Business Process Consultants

When you partner with EstesGroup, you add industry leaders to your team. That is to say, our business process consultants are carefully selected based on their level of experience in providing business process management consulting services for your specific industry. With their expertise and familiarity of your specific industry, our team will conduct an in-depth audit, know industry-specific questions to ask, and reveal the current state of your company’s processes and resources that need optimization throughout this review. Our consultants take a lean, agile approach to the project management side of preparing you for the next steps after the review so that you can hit the ground running.

Why EstesGroup

EstesGroup has been helping businesses (small, medium, and large enterprises) with their business process management needs since 2004. We take a very careful, detail-oriented approach to understanding your business so that no cards are left on the table.

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