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Make to Stock ERP

The processes involved in make to stock (MTS) manufacturing require precise demand forecasting. However, they involve a lot of other necessary information and procedures, as well. Rather than buy separate software for all of your needs — including financial management, sales, planning and scheduling, and more — why not implement an ERP system that can handle it all? Epicor’s ERP for manufacturing, with convenient cloud deployment, does just that.

Planning and Scheduling

Yes, Epicor’s ERP provides the smart demand planning and forecasting tools that you need. You also have improved capabilities to schedule based on finite, infinite, and constraint-based parameters. Suffering bottlenecks in your production process due to equipment that is unavailable or materials that aren’t? Schedule your equipment and plan your projects based on the materials you have on hand.

Human Capital Management

Time sheets, training and development plus core and global human resources; these are all important aspects in running a business. Talent management and the ability for candidates and employees to access the services and information they need are all important aspects to the management of your human capital. Epicor ERP for MTS manufacturing has you covered.

Service and Asset Management

Automate your field services, manage your maintenance and service, access and control your service and warranty needs, and much more with Epicor’s powerful service and asset management tools.

Production Management

Keep in compliance with quality standards and satisfy your Lean manufacturing goals through production management tools that include job management, advanced production options, and a manufacturing execution system.

Supply Chain Management

A lot of money is wasted with ineffective supply chain management. Epicor’s make to stock manufacturing software helps to keep that money in your pocket by helping with your warehouse management, shipping and receiving, and connecting with and maintaining your relationship with suppliers.

Project Management

Plan and generate new projects, control the time and expenses each project incurs, know which resources are available to you before starting the project, and bill for the project or for phases of it. The project management tools provided in Epicor’s ERP provide you the visibility and control you need for all of your MTS projects.

Product Management

Manage all of the aspects of your products, including bill of materials, organization and storage of documents relating to your product, generation of information related to the costing of your product, configuration of products, and who is authorized to make engineering changes and revisions. Epicor’s ERP integrates with CAD, effectively providing you with a complete product management package.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are as important to your business as your products are. You need make to order manufacturing software that will help you keep track of and manage all of the information pertaining to your customers, so that you can easily connect with them and ensure that they’re satisfied with the service you provide them.

Financial Management

Handling the finances for your make to order manufacturing business is streamlined and simple with Epicor ERP. The software provides you with all of the tools your accounting department needs to manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable, figure taxes for anywhere you do business, and generate the reports you need in order to show exactly where the money is coming from and where it is going to.

Much More

The business analytics, compliance and risk management tools, security management, and integration with other software programs you use each day make Epicor the ultimate choice for your industry. Find out how easy it is to obtain and deploy this suite of tools today so you can begin taking advantage of the cost-saving, profitability-increasing benefits of an ERP for make to stock manufacturing.