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EstesCloud Managed IT Services

Managed Services
With A Human Touch
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Managed IT Services
With A Human Touch
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My technology got sick because

I needed the IT guy to write my report.
The cleaning lady tripped over the cord.
I swear the website was ok.
Viruses, and the pharmacist didn’t have the cure.

No Matter What Size And Industry Your Business Lives In.

We will completely manage your technology. Welcome to MSP 3.0


Our flagship MSP technology plan is your one stop shop for network speed, security, backup and restore, and even care for all of your client workstations and mobile devices. With the highly certified staff and high tech software of our managed IT services company, we will monitor, secure, and report on all of your data EVERYWHERE! And we will always be just a phone call, email or app touch away from communicating with you!


Keeping Your Servers And Clients As Healthy As Your Patients


The Speed And Security You Need In Plain English.


Everywhere You Go.
EVERY device must be secure and working for your business to MOVE.

Fill out our form and our technology management services will perform an assessment of your network.