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Epicor Distribution ERP Software

Stay on top of the game in today’s highly competitive market with an ERP software that will help your distribution company attain operational excellence.

At EstesGroup, our team of Epicor experts specialize in setting you up for success with an Epicor Distribution ERP software. Prophet 21 is specifically designed to help you manage business processes in a lean and agile way (from raw-material suppliers through end users) so that your business can easily evolve without your IT support team running into many headaches along the way. Distributors can choose between three different deployment services to help their warehousing performance capabilities grow and remain competitive without a lot of upfront IT costs. Get ultimate flexibility with consumption-based pricing by running your application in a private or hybrid cloud.

The Epicor Distribution ERP Software Will Provide Functionality For:

  • Customer Relationship Management – Whether it be end users or vendors you’re working with, maintaining a strong relationship with them is a vital component to the longevity of those mutually beneficial arrangements.
  • eCommerce – Increase sales, reach new customers, gain new insights, and shorten sales cycles for your products and services with the eCommerce functionality of the ERP.
  • Financials – Access a flexible general ledger to be able to see financial statements in real-time to provide your team with a deeper understanding of the company’s financial situation.
  • Inventory Management – Lower carrying expenses, mitigate excess or obsolete inventory, increase cash flow capabilities, and improve customer service through multiple dynamic inventory replenishment methods.
  • Order Management – Experience fast order processing on any device as customer information instantly flows into the Prophet 21 software.
  • Purchasing – Whether you have many warehouses or one, this Epicor distribution software centralizes the purchasing process to ensure your ability to optimize your buying power and inventory levels.
  • Wireless Warehouse Management System (WWMS) – Experience an unprecedented level of data accuracy for all warehouse processes needing wholesale distribution ERP software, including receiving, cross-docking, put-away, adjustments, picking, cycle counting, and inventory operations.

Why You Should Choose This Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

With Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor’s distribution ERP software, your distribution company will truly understand what you have in stock and know when it’s time to replenish with proper tracking solutions through your manufacturing or buying team. This Epicor distribution ERP software is an easy to use end-to-end solution that turns efficiency and profit maximization into a reality. By implementing this flexible distribution suite, you can simplify and streamline your inter-departmental communications to maintain a highly productive and engaged work environment across the board. Harness the power of this Epicor wholesale distribution ERP software and gain a competitive advantage in your industry today. When you use us as your preferred ERP implementation partner, we will help you enhance the unique capabilities of your business to unrivaled levels. Our goals are the same: highly efficient distribution and improved customer satisfaction in every regard.

Supplier Relationship Management Supplier with engineer checking on production in factory

Begin your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP distribution journey with a cloud ERP demo, and let’s optimize your business processes.

See why distributors choose EstesCloud’s ECHO platform for server management in the cloud.

  • Security: Distributors that get ransomed get shut down and miss shipments. This means your customers are mad, and you’re losing revenue. EstesGroup’s cloud solutions come with cybersecurity built into their DNA.
  • Access and Control: A P21 cloud server means you always know what’s going on and that you can take on the responsibilities that you want to keep inside your distribution business.
  • Scalability: You have the ability to scale up and scale down. Your cloud-based architecture is flexible and based on the needs of your business. You control the costs of your cloud deployment along the way.