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ERP Solutions


Benefits of Working with an ERP Solutions Provider like EstesGroup

ERP developers, like Epicor or SAP, lay the foundation. We provide the services to fully integrate your company’s processes. You’ll have 15+ years of experience with ERP consulting, installation and support at your fingertips. Our capabilities can address any sized project – from multi-company implementations to ad hoc service and support. Production breakdowns are common when you upgrade your ERP. Working with our EstesGroup team, you will avoid these problems because we train you and your team to be prepared for the rollout, and we provide a seamless transition of your data migration so you can rest easy knowing the project is being handled correctly.



Prophet 21 Feature Overview

  • Production & Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Product Management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Wireless Warehouse Management (WWMS)
  • Service & Maintenance Management

Epicor ERP for Your Business

Epicor ERP is particularly well-suited to help businesses that handle their own CAD designs, manufacturing, and distribution of their own products. It contains a sophisticated set of features for production and supply chain management along with everything else a modern business needs to run smoothly with one set of consistent internal data.


Prophet 21 for Your Business

The Prophet 21 ERP is also designed by Epicor, with a similar collection of full-service business management features. But unlike Epicor ERP, Prophet 21 is best for businesses that focus on inventory management and product fulfillment. Everything you need to be a local or e-commerce retail brand is at your fingertips with the integrated features of Prophet 21. With this ERP, you can easily manage purchasing from your suppliers to post-delivery customer service.

Epicor ERP Feature Overview

  • Production Management
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Product Configuration
  • Customer Service & Assist Management

The Right ERP Integration for Your Business

More Than Just A Consulting Organization


Without the proper guidance, choosing the right ERP software and integrating into your business model will present one of the biggest challenges your business may ever face. It requires an in-depth knowledge of ERP systems and how your business runs. Needless to say, working with an ERP solutions provider like EstesGroup to handle the rollout could be a wonderful feather in your cap. When you see the increase in productivity and the ease of production and service, you’ll know you made the right choice.


Prophet 21

Prophet 21 is a full ERP system designed for Distribution companies. The system has full warehousing, packing, order management, e-commerce, CRM, and in-depth financial reporting.

EPICOR 10 ERP & CRM Solutions

This comprehensive ERP/CRM system is primarily geared for the manufacturing and professional service industries. Our Epicor consulting services also include ERP hosting design and deployment.