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Meet ECHO: EstesCloud Hosting

Relax, we've got IT covered.

What’s Hosting?

And why put your apps in the cloud?

You’ve got applications that your staff, vendors, and customers need. In the past, that meant buying a server, installing an operating system and application, deploying the client-side tools and then – finally – giving access to the people that need it. After all that, someone has to handle the day-to-day operations to make sure the app responds quickly and accurately, otherwise your business could be negatively affected.


All those things still need to be done, but now you have a choice:

  1. Who does all the work (you or us)
  2. Where to put the application (your business or our data centers)


Why not in my own business / data center?

If your data center is more than a broom closet, and has redundant power, cooling, and internet, with room in the rack to spare for more hot and hungry servers, then you might decide to host it yourself. Most small businesses don’t have the necessary infrastructure available. While total data center outages aren’t common, they can be disastrous.  How fast can you restore your applications?  We can, in about 10 seconds.


OK, so you’ve got my attention, maybe cloud is the answer?

Putting apps in the cloud means you don’t need to buy, install and maintain the hardware and keep it happy – all by yourself. Cloud provides easy scalability, redundancy, licensing and expertise where it’s needed.  Need more speed? No problem. Working from home?  Easy. PC just crashed?  No biggie, grab another browser.  Internet down? Starbucks or a WiFi hotspot is close by.


Why not host with Amazon/Azure/Google?

We know you’ve got choices in hosting. The big players entered the game a while ago – Amazon, Azure, now Google. Sure, you can get your apps up there, and they’ll be ‘in the cloud’, but will the hosting company be responsive and listen to your apps AND business needs? We do. Is there a phone number to call if you have problems? Ours is 888-300-2340.

Why host with EstesGroup?

EstesGroup’s EstesCloud Hosting, or ECHO for short, is our hosting platform. For a fixed monthly price, we include all the functionality and support you need to keep your hosted application(s) running properly for your business. One phone call puts you in touch with our support team. We know how Microsoft can challenge apps with SQL, IIS and OS issues, that’s why we cover your servers with 24x7x365 EstesCloud Monitoring.  We cover the backups and disaster recovery with EstesCloud BDR. We cover your users with EstesCloud Identity Management and keep the whole thing safer with EstesCloud Managed Firewalls.  Whether it’s Epicor ERP hosting or for another ERP, we’ve got your hosting covered.

EstesGroup is super responsive and always keeping us informed if there is a problem.
Scott Thompson

IT Director, Hosting Client

ECHO Positives

  • Fixed monthly expense, no large capital expenses
  • Grows with your business
  • Proven backup and disaster recovery playbooks
  • No need to upgrade or repair hardware
  • No Server Maintenance
  • Easy, secure access from anywhere you want

ECHO Negatives

  • Need reliable and potentially redundant internet
  • Your hardware gathers dust (becomes a doorstop)
  • No depreciation of servers
  • You can’t hug your servers

We respect your right to choose, just do it wisely.  Once you’ve made the investment, it can be expensive to turn back.

Hosting with EstesGroup

  • Monthly operational expense
  • You can hug your (virtual) servers if you want to, but you’ll need valid ID and an iris scan.
  • We know you, we know your business, we consult and service what we host.

Hosting Yourself

  • Capital Expense on hardware, software and licensing
  • Your IT staff is tied up with the install and deployment
  • You can hug your servers

Hosting with the "Big guys"

  • Your hosting provider and consulting Provider don’t necessarily talk the same language
  • Finger Pointing – Your critical apps might not work together
  • You are a Number

Want more?

If you’re the ‘speeds and feed’ kind of person, we are happy to talk tech with you.

Learn about Epicor ERP or Prophet 21 ERP systems, which both fit perfectly into ECHO.

Contact Us or fill out the demo request to learn more!