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Meet ECHO: EstesCloud Hosting

Cloud Services for Epicor Kinetic, Epicor Prophet 21, SYSPRO, Sage ERP - All of Your Business Applications, Integrations & More!
Cloud Services Time

How fast can you restore your applications?

Weeks? Days? Hours?

EstesGroup can restore your applications in about 10 seconds.

Your Server & Company Infrastructure in the Cloud

You have software applications that your staff, vendors, and customers need. That can mean large operational costs: buying and maintaining servers, installing operating systems and applications, deploying the client-side tools, access management, and resource monitoring. To complicate matters, the larger your company grows, the larger your internal data center needs to be: redundant power, larger batteries, cooling systems, redundant internet access, and more internal support to keep it all together. The costs add up.

EstesGroup’s cloud services for businesses can benefit a company of one or a multi-site company of thousands. Most small businesses don’t have the necessary infrastructure available to stay secure and compliant with cyberattacks as an everyday risk. Bigger businesses, including large manufacturers and distributors, often find the same challenges with hardware, software, and IT staffing. While total data center outages aren’t common, they can be disastrous. We deploy your applications in our data center (with a promise of 99.99% uptime), future-proofing your company. The savings in regard to both money and time will surprise you: a partnership with EstesGroup will lower your costs, with far less risk or distraction. You can focus on what you do best – let us handle the rest.

Remote Enabled Virtual Offices

Free your company from hardware maintenance. Putting your apps in the cloud means you don’t need to buy, install and maintain the hardware and keep it happy – all by yourself. EstesCloud provides scalability, redundancy, licensing, and expertise where it is needed – For your applications, your desktop, and your servers – your business.

  • Need more speed? No problem.
  • Working from home? Easy.
  • PC just crashed? No biggie, grab another browser.
  • Internet down? Jump to your local coffee shop or WiFi hotspot.

We know you & your business & we provide professional application support and management on what we host.

EstesGroup’s EstesCloud Managed Hosting, or ECHO for short, is our private-labeled hosting platform for your applications, servers, network – in short, your company on our cloud. For a fixed monthly price, we include all the functionality and support you need to keep your hosted applications running properly for your business. In reality, it’s your company’s private, managed cloud and you can name it what you like! We provide managed private clouds for companies throughout the US, and this includes both functional and technical application support – a huge differentiator from our competitors.

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery with EstesCloud BDR
  • Identity Management and Managed Firewalls
  • Solutions that grow with your business with flexible pricing
  • No need to upgrade or repair hardware
  • No server maintenance
  • Easy, secure access from anywhere you want

Whether it’s Epicor, Prophet 21, SYSPRO, Sage, QuickBooks or another ERP or private application stack,
we’ve got your hosting covered.

“I was tasked with finding an impenetrable managed IT service, and I did my homework and made a lot of phone calls and did a lot of intros, and I circled back around to my partnership with EstesGroup and realized that they had exactly what I was looking for.”

Bryan Provo, President

Alliance Machine, Inc

Let’s talk about how managed hosting can lower your risks while reducing costs. Not looking for a fully managed cloud solution? Let’s talk about private and hybrid clouds built for your IT team. We help with every step where and when you need us: strategy, cloud migration, cloud ERP deployment, and more!

Contact Us Today! to learn how your company can grow with ECHO, EstesCloud Hosting in Private and Hybrid Clouds built specific to your industry needs.

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