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EstesGroup’s ERP Implementation Team

ERP Team


An ERP system essentially acts as the brain of an enterprise, making it the distributor of important information across the entire nervous system to ensure the performance of the body as a whole is successful. This success is primarily dependent on the qualities and experience of the internal project team as well as the ERP implementation team of third-party consultants you hire, and how the two interact with each other to ensure everything is approached in a strategically advantageous way.


At EstesGroup, our internal ERP team is here to serve you.


Our mission is to ensure a successful rollout of a new ERP system to create unparalleled performance. Our ERP management team consists of consultants who are truly Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their profession, with years of experience successfully implementing ERP systems for a wide variety of industries. We are committed to ensuring you know exactly what our plan is and the importance of an ERP system so that everyone in the enterprise knows their responsibilities in the process, making it easy to succeed as a unified team.


Our ERP implementation team members provide a wide variety of services, from custom ERP solutions to training for end-users. We equip you with more than just an ERP solution; we turn your end-users into the solution. Our ERP implementation team reduces the load on company resources so that everyone is focusing on exactly what they need to be doing during the rollout to deliver a seamless integration into the enterprise. Our goal is to avoid all possible ERP failures along the way and prepare everyone for a life after the consultation work is over. We help create SMEs within the organization to address the vast majority of issues that could arise from scaling the enterprise.


ERP Project TeamThrough active management of the scope of the project, EstesGroup will:

  • Help align your resources to reduce complexity,
  • Improve risk management,
  • Configure the platform to provide you with all of the tools you need,
  • And integrate historical data into the new system.


Our internal ERP project team is dedicated to putting our best foot forward to make sure we cover all your bases with a comprehensive strategy for your ERP implementation that will impress individuals at every level of your enterprise.



EstesGroup’s ERP Implementation Services


As previously mentioned, our implementation services will be conducted in a way that provides an exceptional user experience for those who will be interacting with the ERP on a daily basis so that everyone will be able to excel in their functional roles. This includes custom arrangements of modules and integrations while excluding any components that are not required for the success of your business, as well as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) oriented reporting so that users may see top-level information and dig into granular data as needed.


As part of our ERP implementation team strategy, your rollout will be led by our carefully selected Project Manager from the EstesGroup. The Project Manager will be your Point of Contact throughout the rollout and will be responsible for:

  • Analysis of the business (Business Process Review),
  • Customization of the ERP,
  • Development of the implementation strategy,
  • Training of end-users and SMEs,
  • Integration of historical data,
  • Management and coordination of the project,
  • Delegation of responsibilities,
  • Management of risk,
  • And much more.


Contact EstesGroup today to learn more about how our ERP implementation team will set your enterprise up for success!