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Epicor 10, The Fundamentals

Learn planning and scheduling, material movement, case management, quoting, and mobile vs. desktop access from our Epicor consultants.

Call 1.888.300.2340 and ask us anything about Epicor 10.1 or Epicor 10.2. Calling it all Kinetic? We’re the most trusted Epicor Kinetic consultancy in the nation. Ask our clients why they choose EstesGroup for enterprise resource planning, managed IT, and cloud services. One source, one invoice.

We promise to bring your manufacturing operations speed, accuracy, and expertise in a no-hassle, one-invoice approach to Epicor Kinetic ERP, no matter what you want to call your ERP software. Our consultants know production from the ground up as well as how technology and communication when working together smoothly can grow your business.

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Maximize Your Epicor 10 Investment