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Prophet 21 ERP Modules

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Prophet 21 ERP Modules: Their Functions & What They Can Do For You


What exactly is an ERP?


In its simplest terms, an Enterprise Resource Planning or “ERP” is a software that contains a suite of applications that help you manage your core business processes. These applications help you do everything from manage sales, inventory, procurement, finance, ecommerce, analytics, etc. In turn, the ERP works as a signalized system, which not only streamlines your day-to-day operations, but also provides you with a variety of modules, each of which have their own characteristics, functions, and features. All of this integrates into a variety of Prophet 21 ERP modules that can specifically enhance your overall application.


Types of Prophet 21 ERP Modules:


Our Prophet 21 (P21) software contains centralized ERP modules that have many functions. Really, you can think of each of these modules as providing different functional ERP system requirements that allow users to manage grouped tasks without having to worry about switching applications or screens. This software can be tailored to have specific functions of ERP that will benefit your business.



The ERP modules of Prophet 21 ERP supply a wide variety of applications and features, including (but not limited to):

  • Pricing – Prophet 21 ERP modules can have their functions tailored to help you manage every part of pricing from pricing matrixes, flexible pricing, contract/job-based pricing, promotional pricing or rebate pricing, changes and exceptions, and more, without worrying about tracking various sheets, or charts.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Having a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is imperative to any successful business. Prophet 21 ERP’s CRM modules will help your business do everything from track campaigns to maintain vital client information.
  • Sales Order Management – As the saying goes “Sales is King (or Queen)” of a business. Prophet 21 ERP allows maximum uptime for your sales staff to do what they do best: selling. The Sales Order Management system minimizes errors with one-screen quote and order with the power to do everything from release scheduling, counter sales, location processing, substitution or accessory selling, and more. This puts the power of knowledge into your sales staff’s hands.
  • Inventory Management – You will always need to know what you have in stock and the exact proportions, with the ability to auto-fill orders or notify you when an order is needed. Prophet 21 ERP’s Inventory Management module leverages multiple inventory replenishment methods, dynamic purchasing, demand forecasting, seasonal forecasting, regional distribution centers, item transfers, lead-time per location, container receipt tracking, vendor-managed inventory, distributor-managed inventory, vendor returns, and more, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on hand.
  • Warehouse Management – Prophet 21 ERP has Wireless Warehouse Manage, a paperless solution to bring accuracy to your warehouse by leveraging picking, receiving, cross-docking, put-away, real-time cycle counting, label and bar code printing, tagging and license plating, and bin replenishment. This ensures that your warehouse runs smoothly and effectively.
  • Accounting – The back office is a vital part of every business. Prophet 21 ERP has built in functionality that supports accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and in-depth reporting analytic functions that help manage your finances and the entire business easily and quickly.
  • eCommerce – In today’s world, it is essential for a distributor to have online purchasing ecommerce solutions in place for customer ordering. Prophet 21 ERP has a cloud-based eCommerce solution that will give you the tools to increase sales, reach new customers, and shorten your sales cycle.

Characteristics of the Prophet 21 ERP System Modules


The aforementioned functionality of the ERP modules available to you with Prophet 21 ERP is simply a few small glimpses into its capabilities. On top of being modular, these types of ERP modules rely on a centralized database, meaning that users across various departments are working with the same exact data. Additionally, while this data is centralized, individual modules can be configured throughout various departments (i.e. your HR Department won’t be able to edit your Warehouse Management System). This high level of integration (yet siloed administrative capabilities) enable everyone within the company to work seamlessly with one another. Since everything is within one system, you don’t have to worry about a communication breakdown where key pieces of information are lost in the plethora of emails each department receives every day, avoiding costly and timely mistakes from human error.


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