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ERP Project Management Business Consulting Services

Shrewd project management skills are a crucial component for success in every engagement. The knowledge, skills, abilities and experience of the ERP project manager can have a significant impact on the outcome of a project in terms of cost over-run, risk management, stake holder clarity and on-time completion. EstesGroup oversees 100% of the ERP project management and implementation of our customer engagements no matter how big or small, including project planning, project budgeting and much more so that we ensure client success no matter the scope and scale of the project. EstesGroup’s project management services are designed to support your needs and responsibilities throughout the process without displacing your internal project manager. Our proven process is designed to meet the unique needs of companies across many different verticals, including aerospace, automotive, distribution and many others.

The EstesGroup Model for Repeatable Success

Project Planning & Generation

The foundation of every successful project is a comprehensive and well-documented plan. Your EstesGroup ERP project manager / consultant understands this and will work with your organization to generate a clear plan for the project that provides all stakeholders with a clearly documented scope of work, plan for implementation, and strategy for deploying the people and technology required for success.

Project Templates

EstesGroup will provide your business with custom ERP project templates that act as the framework to quickly start new projects and establish a documented structure and process for the concept, planning, implementation and closeout for your project.

Project Budgets

Successful ERP project management often hinges on setting a fixed budget and staying true to it. Estimating and controlling the budgeted resources of an ERP project can be one of the most troublesome components of a project. All involved need to understand the required monetary resources and personnel needed across departments to have an accurate picture of the projects’ Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS) and Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP), along with the Estimated Cost at Completion (EAC).

External Integration Planning

Coordinating the various elements of an ERP project often requires the integration of external systems and technologies, going well outside of the predicted scope of implementing an ERP. Integration of external supply chains and other elements typically requires a radical change in internal practices so that your company socializes and promotes the integration at all levels of your organizational structure, and this typically starts with improving collaborative thinking.

Organizational Change Management

ERP project management is more than new technology and processes – it’s also about the people. Organizational change management (OCM) is a framework for addressing the human side of change management. EstesGroup’s experts will provide a systematic approach for deploying new business processes, cultural changes, and changes within the organizational structure to help your team embrace new skills or behaviors.

Best Practice Implementation

Even the most perfectly planned of ERP projects can come undone without proper implementation. Your EstesGroup ERP project manager will ensure best practices for quality control and risk management are used across the lifecycle of your project from conception to completion. Adhering to and socializing best practices across your organization and project allows for a clear definition of “completeness” of deliverables, on-time completion and parity with set budgets.

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