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Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP for the Manufacturing Industry: More control over your manufacturing operations

What is a Manufacturing ERP Software?

A manufacturing ERP software is a completely integrated manufacturing system that streamlines your business processes. It delivers efficiency and productivity through fully automated business operations. It improves manufacturing processes like production, order completion, supply chain management, shop floor and delivery by supporting internal business processes with manufacturing specific software modules as well as managing finance and sales. There is an information flow between all modules managed within one database for an efficient user experience, providing the company with a holistic view of its core processes.

Benefits of a Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP simplicity designed for your business:

  • Simple Integration – Manufacturers face a number of challenges, and Epicor ERP software can be deployed strategically to mitigate any additional stress that your manufacturing business might have during the integration. We also ensure that your ERP system is tailored to your business so that you get the most out of your software.
  • Optimized Production Planning – Production processes can be streamlined and wholelistically managed within Epicor ERP when manufacturers analyze data, identify costs, manage schedules, and track time and production needed to complete steps in the process.
  • Improved Tracking – Epicor ERP for the manufacturing industry tracks resources and statuses, including materials used, production capacity, and maintenance tasks (which helps you prove compliance during audits).
  • Scalable Business – Organized and accessible customer management information.
  • Increased Efficiency – Provides access to employees through one interface that houses multiple modules catered to their specific department. Your production team will have the tools they need to create superior scheduling, adjustments in production, and simplified job releases.

Implementation of Manufacturing ERP Software

Our implementation team works with you to provide a seamless integration with your company’s current processes, ensuring a smooth adoption into your business model. You will work with our certified ERP consultants who will guide you through your transition to Epicor ERP for the manufacturing industry.

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Features of Epicor ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Execution:

– Material planning and costing
– Labor planning and costing
– Shop-floor management
– Traceability
– Plant maintenance

Project Management:

– Contract Management
– Progress / Milestone Billing
– Work Breakdown Structure
– Delayed Revenue

Quality Management:

– Quality documentation
– Process management
– Product data management
– Validation
– Preventative management
– Audit management

Supply Chain Management:

– Logistics
– Vendor contract management
– Warehouse management

Executive Information:

– Finance
– Human Resource Management

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