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Meet EstesGroup's Partner Parttrap ONE

The all-in-ONE B2B eCommerce platform

A powerful E-Commerce platform created for Manufacturers & Distributors

Parttrap® ONE is a comprehensive E-Commerce platform that seamlessly integrates into Epicor ERP. It enables companies to offer their customers a powerful and convenient web-based E-Commerce site as well as online tool for their salespeople and partners to update and transact.

The platform is built to support all departments in your company involved in successful digital sales processes, such as: Sales, Marketing, IT department and Customer Service.

Parttrap ONE helps streamline, optimize and maximize your businesses potential by providing new sales channels and reducing operational costs.

  • Stay on top of the Digital Transformation
  • Increase Distributor/Dealer Sales & Revenue
  • Increase Direct Sales & Customer Service
  • Improve & personalize the Customer Journey
  • Save time and money
  • Enable digital sales of complex product offerings
ParttrapONE Computer

All-in-ONE Platform Components

Parttrap® ONE offers everything you need for your digital business in ONE solution:

World-class PIM, B2B eCommerce features, CMS & Real-time integration to Epicor ERP

ParttrapONE Symbol PIM


Enrich your products with all data needed to support the purchase decision

ParttrapONE Symbol eCom


Sell your products online with powerful B2B eCommerce and collaboration features

ParttrapONE Symbol CMS


Build modern eCommerce sites with a great user experience with no-code tools

ParttrapONE Symbol ERPint


Parttrap ONE is already integrated to Epicor ERP so no integration project is needed

Join us in making the miracle of business better for everyone.

Contact Us today to learn more about Parttrap’s eCommerce Solution.

Key Platform Features

ParttrapONE icon Digital Brick

Digital + Brick-and-Mortar

Enable sales through eCommerce website and also allow over the counter sales for retail using the POS module – both integrated to Epicor ERP for full visibility and control.

ParttrapONE_icon Spare parts management

Spare Parts Management

Guide the user to the correct spare part via exploded views displaying unique customer pricing, stock availability and delivery time. Combine 2D views with interactive SVG and 3D models for user-friendly part identification and ordering.

ParttrapONE icon ConfigWizard

Configurators & Wizards

Guide the customer in selecting the correct products/product variants using configurations with real-time product visualizations, including 3D models, space planners, showrooms and more.

ParttrapONE icon B2B2C2X

B2B, B2C & B2B2X & Corporate Homepage

Set up powerful eCommerce portals for your distributors/dealers to place orders (B2B), provide your distributors/dealers with their own branded eCommerce site (B2B2X), allow non-logged-in users to place orders (B2C) and setup your corporate homepage, all in the same environment.

ParttrapONE icon Personalized Pricing Promo

Personalized Pricing & Promotions

Always display correct customer pricing, discount and quantity breaks. Create promotion and campaigns for specific customers and/or users.

ParttrapONE icon Multi


Manage multiple sales companies, markets, brands, languages and currencies. Add new markets using a centralized approach, but keep the flexibility to adapt to market specific requirements like product assortment, payment options, freight options and more.

ParttrapONE icon FlexibleDeployment

Flexible Deployment

Deployed in Microsoft Azure with real-time integration to Epicor ERP installed On-Prem or in the Cloud.

ParttrapONE icon RMA

Returns & Claims (RMA)

Let your customers register and follow the progress of claims and returns in your site. Cases are managed by Customer Service in the built-in Claim Manager tool.

ParttrapONE icon SelfService

Self-service reporting 24/7

Customer has access to Invoice details, order status/tracking, order history, account management, delivery addresses, product availability and downloadable product information directly in the site.

ParttrapONE icon LoginCustomer

Log in on behalf of customer

Allows Sales reps and Customer Service to log in as a customer, place orders, view orders, access invoices, unique customer pricing and promotions.

ParttrapONE icon Headless

Headless Commerce as an option

Access product data, business logic, content and site navigation from Parttrap ONE via API. Gives developers the flexibility to innovate, and helps site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to change front-end tools.

ParttrapONE icon Payment Freight

Payment & Freight

Integration with EBizCharge and other payment solutions. Set up online rating of freight cost via FedEx, UPS or other forwarders or freight calculation based on your settings in Epicor ERP.

Increase spare parts sales with Parttrap Spare Parts Management

Parttrap Spare Parts Management makes it easy for the customer to find the spare part they are looking for and place an order for it. Providing user-friendly interactive 3D models minimizes the time taken from the customer’s core business and lets you focus on your business driven activities

Sell and showcase your spare parts in an intuitive way

ParttrapONE Spareparts Image

Image based

ParttrapONE Spareparts SVG

SVG-file based

ParttrapONE Spareparts 3DCAD

3D / CAD-model based

  • Specifications and prices of the product are displayed in the same window as the product and can be added directly to the cart
  • A seamless integration with your ERP system to read unique customer pricing, stock availability and delivery time for each part
  • Guide the user in the exploded views to the correct spare part or combination of parts using the flexible menu system
  • The end-user receives a complete picture of the parts that are included with a color-coded mouse-over selection feature

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